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Japanese Candlesticks for Dummies to Experts (3 week series)

Japanese Candlesticks for Dummies to Experts (3 week series)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Expert: Barry Norman
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This is a three part webinar which will take a brief look at the history and development of candlestick charts. We will then learn place candlestick on charts and then how to read those candlesticks. Compared to traditional bar charts, many traders consider candlestick charts more visually appealing and easier to interpret. Each candlestick provides an easy-to-decipher picture of price action. A trader can compare the relationship between the open and close as well as the high and low.

The relationship between the open and close is considered vital information and forms the essence of candlesticks. In our final class, we will look at the different candlestick patterns and their interpretations and how to apply these to trading decisions.  Investing.com just launched their new candlestick pattern monitor which will help you find and decipher these patterns as they develop.

February 5, 2017
Class 1 – The history and development of Japanese candlesticks and the proper set up of candles on your charts. We will look at adding trendlines to and support and resistance to candlestick charts. Then we will learn how to interpret price action with candlesticks.  

February 12, 2017
Class 2 - In this class we will learn the 32 different interpretations of candlestick patterns and how to apply them to your trading and lastly how you can easily incorporate these into your trading strategy.

February 19, 2017
Class 3 – Candlestick patterns have become the single most accurate means of identifying the ever obscure current state of price action. Using the investing.com candlestick monitor and candlestick patterns we will learn how to make powerful trading decisions. 

Barry Norman
The Director of Investors Trading Academy as well as a published author and educator. Barry brings with him over 35 years of financial market knowledge and experience. He holds an MBA in Finance and Economics from UCLA and an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Maryland. Barry was award the title of “Best Education in Europe” by Global Banking & Finance. Barry is also a presenter for the MoneyShow and many well-known news sources.
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