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Australia - ETFs

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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 BetaShares US DollarUSD13.56-0.66%14.19K07:10:00 
 BetaShares British PoundPOU18.20-0.16%0.18K04:20:00 
 ANZ Physical US DollarZUSD9.910.00%019/12 
 ANZS Physical RenminbiZCNH9.8900.00%004/02 

Canada - ETFs

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 Horizons US Dollar CurrencyDLR12.73-0.86%470.99K22:48:00 
 Horizons US Dollar CurrencyDLRu10.060.00%352.45K22:42:00 

Germany - ETFs

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 21Shares Bitcoin ETP21XB16.22+5.57%164.62K18:36:00 
 WisdomTree Short CHF Long EUR DESCHER29.23-0.21%2.70K18:36:00 
 WisdomTree Long NOK Short EUR DELNOE39.35+1.26%0.39K18:36:00 
 WisdomTree Short USD Long EUR DEXBJQ32.37-0.36%0.08K18:36:00 
 db x-trackers II Sterling Cash UCITSXSTR213.20+0.14%018:36:00 
 WisdomTree Long CHF Short EURXBJA57.02+0.20%018:36:00 
 WisdomTree Long AUD Short EURXBJJ50.67+1.30%018:36:00 
 WisdomTree Short CNY Long USD DEXBJF28.56+0.10%018:36:00 
 WisdomTree Long CNY Short USDXBJE49.87+0.43%018:36:00 
 WisdomTree Long JPY Short EUR DESJPS40.53+0.18%018:36:00 
 WisdomTree Long SEK Short EUR DEXBJD42.33+0.05%018:36:00 
 WisdomTree Long USD Short EUR DEXBJP52.25+0.33%018:36:00 
 WisdomTree Short JPY Long EUR DESJPL39.38-0.19%018:36:00 

Italy - ETFs

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 WisdomTree Short USD Long EUR 5x DailyUSE56.16-1.71%19.45K18:17:39 
 WisdomTree Short USD Long EUR 3x DailyUSE39.99-0.73%14.86K17:48:02 
 WisdomTree Short USD Long EURUSEU32.40-0.22%2.25K14:21:36 
 WisdomTree Long JPY Short EUR 3x DailyEJP319.52+0.45%0.90K18:26:44 
 WisdomTree Long GBP Short EUREUGB48.65+0.09%0.50K12:52:51 
 WisdomTree Long USD Short EUR 5x DailyEUS587.50+1.82%0.35K15:59:07 
 WisdomTree Short NOK Long EURNOEU42.55-1.05%0.25K17:08:54 
 WisdomTree Long USD Short EUR 3x DailyEUS380.24+0.97%0.25K18:28:26 
 Franklin Liberty USD Inv Grd Corp Bd UCITS FLUC25.29-0.06%0.15K12:58:33 
 WisdomTree Long CHF Short EUR 3x DailyECH354.52+0.48%0.14K18:05:26 
 WisdomTree Long JPY Short EUREUJP40.33-0.32%0.13K10:45:03 
 db x-trackers II Sterling Cash UCITSXSTR213.21+0.14%0.11K17:21:44 
 WisdomTree Short GBP Long EUR 3x DailyGBE320.95-0.19%0.06K10:42:54 
 WisdomTree Long CHF Short EUREUCH57.11+0.33%0.05K13:13:30 
 WisdomTree Short CHF Long EURCHEU29.160.00%030/11 
 WisdomTree Long GBP Short EUR 5x DailyEGB521.80+0.00%006/12 
 WisdomTree Long NOK Short EUREUNO38.800.00%003/12 
 WisdomTree Short JPY Long EUR 3x DailyJPE330.150.00%023/11 
 WisdomTree Long USD Short EUREUUS52.06+0.00%006/12 
 WisdomTree Short GBP Long EUR 5x DailyGBE520.890.00%002/12 

Mexico - ETFs

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 PowerShares DB US Dollar BullishUUP542.88-1.81%0.30K19:12:03 
 Invesco CurrencyShares Euro Currency TrustFXE2,225.000.00%006/12 

Netherlands - ETFs

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 WisdomTree Long JPY Short EUR 3x DailyEJP319.52+0.51%1.00K18:29:13 
 WisdomTree Short USD Long EUR 3x DailyUSE39.95-1.13%0.30K15:49:52 
 WisdomTree Long USD Short EUR 3x DailyEUS378.910.00%030/11 
 WisdomTree Short JPY Long EUR 3x DailyJPE331.200.00%003/08 
 WisdomTree Long JPY Short EUREUJP42.200.00%020/10 
 WisdomTree Short JPY Long EURJPEU39.510.00%018/09 

South Korea - ETFs

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 Kiwoom KOSEF Synth USD Futures Lev2258009,505-0.42%31.19K08:30:00 
 Kiwoom KOSEF USD Futures13823012,370-0.24%3.15K08:40:00 
 Mirae Asset Tiger JPY KRW Futures29256010,215-0.39%1.77K06:49:00 
 Kiwoom KOSEF Synth USD Futures Inv2304807,830+0.51%0.37K08:30:00 
 Kiwoom KOSEF USD Futures Inverse13966010,115+0.30%0.01K08:30:00 
 MiraeAsset Tiger JPYK RW Futures Leverage2925709,8250.00%018/12 
 MiraeAsset Tiger JPY KRW Futures Inverse2925809,6100.00%019/03 
 MiraeAsset Tiger JPY KRW Futures Inverse 2X2925908,8350.00%019/03 

Switzerland - ETFs

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 21Shares Bitcoin ETPABTC18.35+5.95%33.81K17:47:00 

United Kingdom - ETFs

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 WisdomTree Long CHF Short GBPGBCH5,366.0+0.11%3.41K12:42:39 
 WisdomTree Short EUR Long USDSERO63.13-0.17%0.20K10:32:08 
 WisdomTree Long EUR Short USD 3x DailyLEU312.82-1.20%0.09K15:58:22 
 WisdomTree Short USD Long GBPUSGB3,446.5-0.12%0.08K17:22:17 
 WisdomTree Short EUR Long USD 3x DailySEU372.28-0.35%0.02K10:00:45 
 WisdomTree Short JPY Long USD 3x DailySJP393.57+0.25%0.02K18:13:32 
 db x-trackers II Sterling Cash UCITSXSTR18,120.50.00%0.00K11:59:56 
 WisdomTree Short CHF Long GBPCHGB3,136.00.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree Short GBP Long USDSGBP55.04+0.00%001/01 
 SG GBP USD X3 Daily Short USDSG63134.180.00%001/01 
 SG GBP USD X5 Daily Long USDSG6442.410.00%001/01 
 SG GBP USD X5 Daily Short USDSG65144.700.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree Short JPY Long GBPJPGB4,406.50.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree Long GBP Short USD 3x DailyLGB316.020.00%003/12 
 WisdomTree Long USD Short GBPGBUS5,136.0+0.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree Short GBP Long USD 3x DailySGB349.69+0.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree Long EUR Short GBP 3x DailyEUP32,484.0+0.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree Short EUR Long GBPURGB4,281.50.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree Short EUR Long GBP 3x DailySUP33,410.50.00%003/12 
 WisdomTree Short CNY Long USDSCNY32.15+0.00%001/01 

United States - ETFs

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 PowerShares DB US Dollar BullishUUP25.82+0.06%2.71M22:50:00 
 Invesco CurrencyShares Canadian Dollar TrustFXC77.42+0.83%150.16K22:49:39 
 PowerShares DB US Dollar BearishUDN20.11-0.10%47.78K22:43:17 
 Invesco CurrencyShares Euro Currency TrustFXE104.78-0.12%18.90K22:45:03 
 ProShares UltraShort EuroEUO26.35+0.19%18.70K22:49:40 
 WisdomTree Bloomberg US Dollar BullishUSDU26.390.00%13.78K22:46:52 
 WisdomTree Chinese Yuan StrategyCYB26.660.00%9.61K22:32:07 
 Invesco CurrencyShares Swiss Franc TrustFXF97.48+0.07%8.34K22:34:11 
 Invesco CurrencyShares Australian Dollar TrustFXA70.62+0.97%7.53K22:06:44 
 ProShares Ultra EuroULE13.10-0.36%6.87K22:48:09 
 ProShares UltraShort YenYCS80.83+0.22%5.52K22:32:00 
 Invesco CurrencyShares Japanese Yen TrustFXY82.70-0.01%3.99K22:41:49 
 PowerShares DB G10 Currency HarvestDBV24.82+0.87%3.43K22:05:54 
 Invesco CurrencyShares British Pound Sterling TrusFXB127.44-0.12%2.82K22:22:40 
 ProShares UltraShort Australian DollarCROC50.50-1.99%2.39K22:01:18 
 WisdomTree Emerging Currency StrategyCEW17.17+0.38%1.82K22:11:11 
 ProShares Short EuroEUFX45.32+0.00%006/12 
 ProShares Ultra YenYCL48.740.00%006/12 
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