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Australia - Funds

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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 PIMCO Global Bond Fund Wholesale Class0P0000.0.895+0.24%01/07 
 CFS FC W Pen-CFS W Index Aus BondLP6500.2.045+0.23%4.65B30/06 
 CFS FC W PSup-CFS W Index Aus BondLP6500.1.841+0.20%4.65B30/06 
 CFS FC W Pen-FirstChoice W Fixed IntLP6500.2.177+0.29%4.18B30/06 
 CFS FC W PSup-FirstChoice W Fixed IntLP6500.1.930+0.26%4.18B30/06 
 CFS FC ESup-FirstChoice Fixed Intr SelLP6821.1.185+0.26%4.18B30/06 
 PIMCO Diversified Fixed Interest Fund0P0000.857.933+0.15%400.89M01/07 
 PIMCO Diversified Fixed Interest Fund Wholesale Cl0P0000.0.885+0.15%01/07 
 Henderson Australian Fixed Interest Fund - Institu0P0000.0.9480%3.31B05/07 
 PIMCO Australian Bond Fund Wholesale Class0P0000.0.8780%01/07 
 PIMCO Australian Bond Fund0P0000.976.444+0.06%1.89B01/07 
 Bentham Wholesale Syndicated Loan Fund0P0000.0.858-0.48%2.22B30/06 
 Bentham Professional Syndicated Loan Fund0P0000.0.804-0.47%2.22B30/06 
 Dimensional Global Bond Trust0P0000.9.356+0.59%2.02B05/07 
 Macquarie Master Enhanced Fixed Interest0P0000.0.913+0.48%1.9B01/07 
 Macquarie True Index Australian Fixed Interest0P0000.0.905+0.41%1.9B01/07 
 Vanguard International Fixed Interest Index Fund H0P0000.0.969-0.19%1.86B01/07 
 BT Government Bond Fund0P0000.0.935+0.26%1.62B30/06 
 CFS FC W Pen-PIMCO W Global Bond0P0000.1.244+0.47%1.61B30/06 
 CFS FC Pen-PIMCO Global Bond0P0000.1.179+0.46%1.61B30/06 

Austria - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 GAM Star Fund plc - GAM Star Credit Opportunities 0P0000.12.440+0.11%3.92M05/07 
 ERSTE Bond Emerging Markets Corporate A0P0000.100.290-0.23%553.04M14:00:00 
 ERSTE Bond Emerging Markets Corporate T0P0000.165.270-0.24%553.04M14:00:00 
 KEPLER Europa Rentenfonds A0P0000.86.510+0.15%420.67M14:00:00 
 KEPLER Europa Rentenfonds T0P0000.138.980+0.14%420.67M14:00:00 
 Raiffeisen-Europa-HighYield I T0P0001.250.980-0.03%414.48M14:00:00 
 ERSTE Responsible ReserveVT0P0000.113.810+0.15%401.04M14:00:00 
 Raiffeisen 304-Euro Corporates T0P0000.147.660+0.71%478.77M14:00:00 
 Raiffeisen 304-Euro Corporate VWG VT0P0000.179.280+0.71%478.77M14:00:00 
 Raiffeisen 304-Euro Corporates A0P0000.105.290+0.71%478.77M14:00:00 
 ERSTE Responsible Reserve T0P0000.113.360+0.14%401.04M14:00:00 
 ERSTE Responsible Reserve A0P0000.92.010+0.15%401.04M14:00:00 
 Raiffeisen Euro Bonds R0P0000.150.720+0.82%325.52M14:00:00 
 Raiffeisen-Euro-Rent (R) A0P0000.73.850+0.82%325.52M14:00:00 
 Raiffeisen-Euro-Rent (R) T0P0000.126.660+0.81%325.52M14:00:00 
 ESPA Reserve Euro Plus T0P0000.105.700+0.05%346.02M14:00:00 
 ESPA Reserve Euro Plus A0P0000.69.420+0.04%346.02M14:00:00 
 Raiffeisen-Euro-Rent (I) VT0P0000.156.440+0.81%325.52M14:00:00 
 UNIQA Eastern European Debt Fund ALP6006.223.200-0.32%305.13M14:00:00 
 UNIQA Eastern European Debt Fund VTA0P0000.543.900-0.32%305.13M14:00:00 

Belgium - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 DPAM INVEST B Bonds Eur A Distribution0P0000.46.450+0.67%521.1M05/07 
 DPAM INVEST B Bonds Eur B Capitalisation0P0000.78.680+0.68%521.1M05/07 
 DPAM INVEST B Bonds Eur E Distribution0P0000.48.970+0.68%521.1M05/07 
 DPAM INVEST B Bonds Eur F Capitalisation0P0000.81.250+0.68%521.1M05/07 
 BNPP B Control Quam Dynamic Bonds IncLP6823.89.400+0.06%107.52M01/07 
 BNPP B Control Quam Dynamic Bonds AccLP6823.97.260+0.05%107.52M01/07 
 DPAM INVEST B Bonds Eur IG B Capitalisation0P0000.64.900+0.76%52.07M05/07 
 DPAM INVEST B Bonds Eur IG F Capitalisation0P0000.66.960+0.77%52.07M05/07 
 Amonis Corporate Bonds Euro - InstitutionalLP6806.3,934.210-0.49%40.73M04/07 
 BNP Paribas B Institutional II Diversified Bonds ILP6825.1,123.370-0.58%37.16M04/07 

Bermuda - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Butterfield US Bond B0P0000.10.510+0.09%124.33M30/06 
 Butterfield USD BondLP6000.10.299+0.14%124.33M30/06 
 HSBC Short Duration Fixed Income Fund Class CC0P0001.108.940+0.15%94.41M01/07 
 LOM Fixed Income Fund USD0P0000.15.609-0.25%67.76M01/07 
 Butterfield Select Fixed IncomeLP6008.20.820+1.17%43.66M23/06 
 Global Voyager Global Fixed Income0P0000.23.925+0.14%9.81M29/06 

Brazil - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime

Canada - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 RBC Bond Sr A0P0000.5.854+0.52%22.49B05/07 
 RBC Bond Sr D0P0000.5.894+0.52%22.49B05/07 
 RBC Bond Sr F0P0000.6.043+0.52%22.49B05/07 
 PIMCO Monthly Income A0P0000.12.540-0.06%2.07B05/07 
 PIMCO Monthly Income O0P0000.12.540-0.06%1.54B05/07 
 PIMCO Monthly Income F0P0000.12.540-0.06%6.75B05/07 
 PIMCO Monthly Income M0P0000.12.540-0.06%5.64B05/07 
 PIMCO Monthly Income M USD Hedged0P0000.8.985-0.05%392.32M05/07 
 PIMCO Monthly Income A USD Hedged0P0000.8.985-0.05%43.43M05/07 
 PIMCO Monthly Income O USD Hedged0P0000.8.985-0.05%120.16M05/07 
 PIMCO Monthly Income F USD Hedged0P0000.8.985-0.05%186.12M05/07 
 RBC Select Very Conservative Portfolio Series F0P0000.12.187+0.34%15.09B05/07 
 RBC Select Very Conservative Portfolio Series F0P0001.9.348-0.98%15.09B05/07 
 TD Canadian Core Plus Bond - F0P0000.10.590+0.57%13.21B05/07 
 TD Canadian Core Plus Bond Fund - Premium F series0P0001.9.360+0.65%13.21B05/07 
 TD Canadian Bond - F0P0000.10.970+0.46%11.28B05/07 
 TD Canadian Bond Fund - Premium F series0P0001.9.340+0.54%11.28B05/07 
 Manulife Strategic Income Fund Series FT60P0000.11.125+0.14%10.49B05/07 
 Manulife Strategic Income Fund Series F0P0000.10.967+0.14%10.49B05/07 
 Manulife Strategic Income Fund Series F0P0000.8.406-1.10%10.49B05/07 

Cayman Islands - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Invesco SR Global Bond GP0P0000.266.120+0.34%2.09M05/07 
 Invesco SR Global Bond SA0P0000.233.500+0.34%750.53K05/07 
 Arava Fund ALP6810.144.990+0.09%22.7M06/06 
 SMBC Nikko Premium Funds - Glbl Corporate Bond Cla0P0000.11.320+0.71%11.44M01/07 
 Eaton Vance International Cayman Islands Emerging LP6805.2.950-1.01%2.89M05/07 
 LOM Euro Fixed Income Fund B Acc0P0000.11.548+0.42%757.4K01/07 
 Eaton Vance International Cayman Islands Emerging LP6805.9.570-0.93%260.73K05/07 
 Eaton Vance International Cayman Islands Emerging LP6805.3.020-0.98%225.25K05/07 
 Eaton Vance International Cayman Islands Emerging LP6805.8.890-1.00%93.18K05/07 

Chile - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Fondo Mutuo Proteccion BancoEstado I0P0000.1,404.416+0.03%552.07B04/07 
 Fondo Mutuo BICE Extra D0P0000.1,718.541+0.02%582.6B04/07 
 Fondo Mutuo BICE Extra G0P0000.1,595.781+0.02%582.6B04/07 
 Fondo Mutuo Santander Renta Selecta Chile APV0P0000.1,886.365+0.02%468.34B04/07 
 Fondo Mutuo Santander Renta Selecta Chile GLOBA0P0000.1,822.503+0.02%468.34B04/07 
 Fondo Mutuo Santander Renta Selecta Chile PATRI0P0001.1,491.688+0.02%468.34B04/07 
 Fondo Mutuo Santander Renta Largo Plazo UF EJECU0P0000.4,932.992+0.02%398.43B04/07 
 Fondo Mutuo Santander Renta Largo Plazo UF APV0P0000.4,918.101+0.02%398.43B04/07 
 Fondo Mutuo Compromiso BancoEstado A0P0000.2,270.349+0.01%307.35B04/07 
 Fondo Mutuo Compromiso BancoEstado I0P0000.1,587.267+0.02%307.35B04/07 
 Fondo Mutuo Deposito XXI B0P0000.2,966.705+0.03%304.04B04/07 
 Fondo Mutuo Utilidades B0P0000.3,155.842+0.04%347.1B04/07 
 Fondo Mutuo LarrainVial Ahorro Capital APV0P0000.2,329.580+0.01%328.19B04/07 
 Fondo Mutuo LarrainVial Ahorro Capital F0P0000.1,631.686+0.01%328.19B04/07 
 Fondo Mutuo LarrainVial Ahorro Capital I0P0000.1,612.425+0.01%328.19B04/07 
 Fondo Mutuo BCI de Personas ALPAT0P0000.1,597.225+0.03%275.65B04/07 
 Fondo Mutuo BCI de Personas APV0P0000.7,350.738+0.03%275.65B04/07 
 Fondo Mutuo BCI de Personas BPRIV0P0000.1,601.975+0.03%275.65B04/07 
 Fondo Mutuo BCI de Personas FAMIL0P0000.1,497.974+0.03%275.65B04/07 
 Fondo Mutuo Security Gold I-APV0P0000.4,217.689+0.02%242.96B04/07 

China - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 TianHong Income Box Money Market Fund0001981.0000%776.67B14:00:00 
 E Fund Cash Enhance Income MMkt Fd A0006201.0000%197.29B14:00:00 
 E Fund Cash Enhance Income MMkt Fd B0006211.0000%197.29B14:00:00 
 E Fund E Wealth Management Fund0003591.0000%189.25B14:00:00 
 Ping An Daily -Increase Money-Market Fund0003791.0000%188.17B14:00:00 
 China Southern Daily Income MMKt A0034731.0000%172.54B14:00:00 
 China Southern Daily Income MMKt B0034741.0000%172.54B14:00:00 
 Aegon-Industrial Tianlibao MMkt Fd0005751.0000%171.09B14:00:00 
 HuaAn Liquidity Money Market Fund A0400381.0000%164.35B14:00:00 
 HuaAn Liquidity Money Market Fund B0400391.0000%164.35B14:00:00 
 HuaAn Liquidity Money Market Fund H511600100.0000%164.35B14:00:00 
 GF Huo Qi Bao Money Market Fd A0007481.0000%162.78B14:00:00 
 GF Huo Qi Bao Money Market Fd B0032811.0000%162.78B14:00:00 
 Bosera Cash Income Fd A0500031.0000%162.17B14:00:00 
 Bosera Cash Income Fd B0006651.0000%162.17B14:00:00 
 Penghua Zengzhibao Money Market Fund0005691.0000%160.9B14:00:00 
 Fullgoal Wallet Full Money Market Fund0006381.0000%160.65B14:00:00 
 CCB Principal Jia Xinjinbao MMkt Fd A0006861.0000%159.95B14:00:00 
 CCB Principal Jia Xinjinbao MMkt Fd B0027531.0000%159.95B14:00:00 
 Hwabao WP Listed MMKt A511990100.0000%157.88B14:00:00 

Denmark - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Nordea Invest Portefølje Lange obligationer0P0000.93.610+0.38%15.62B05/07 
 Danske Invest Engros Flexinvest Danske Obligatione0P0000.89.380+0.60%14.57B05/07 
 Nykredit Invest Engros Korte Obligationer0P0001.967.010+0.23%14.89B05/07 
 Danske Invest Engros Flexinvest Korte Obligationer0P0000.93.700+0.19%8.23B05/07 
 Nordea Invest Portefølje Verdens Obligationsmarked0P0000.118.250+0.22%9.76B05/07 
 Danske Invest Tillväxtmarknadsobligationer KL SEK 0P0000.103.880+0.91%867.39M05/07 
 BankInvest Lange Danske Obligationer KL0P0000.83.690+0.46%1.33B05/07 
 Danske Invest Engros Flexinvest Udenlandske Obliga0P0000.87.420+0.17%5.03B05/07 
 Danske Invest Globala Realräntor SEK h0P0000.132.110-0.23%578.33M05/07 
 BlackRock Global Funds - World Bond Fund X2 DKK0P0000.112.070+0.37%553.63Array05/07 
 Nykredit Invest Lange Obligationer Long-Term Bonds0P0000.88.050+0.42%8.22B07:00:00 
 Nykredit Invest Lange obligationerNYILOA161.560+0.10%8.14B07:00:00 
 Nordea 1 - European Financial Debt Fund BI DKK0P0000.1,282.480-0.06%998.64M05/07 
 BankInvest Korte Danske Obligationer KL0P0000.86.000+0.21%1.04B05/07 
 Danske Invest Global Realrente Obligasjon NOK h0P0000.130.390-0.03%164.43M05/07 
 Danske Invest Globale Lange Indeksobligationer DKK0P0000.155.950+0.54%338.82M05/07 
 Nykredit Invest Engros Lange Obligationer0P0000.815.610+0.52%7.68B05/07 
 Sparinvest Mellemlange Obligationer KL A0P0000.96.370+0.45%6.12B05/07 
 BankInvest Virksomhedsobligationer HY A0P0000.94.300+0.03%390.05M05/07 
 Danske Invest Dannebrog Mellemlange Obligationer K0P0000.82.470+0.46%3.24B05/07 

Finland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Evli Euro Liquidity B SEK0P0000.1,057.251+0.03%20.31B05/07 
 Evli Short Corporate Bond B SEK0P0000.1,102.609+0.07%15.87B05/07 
 Evli Nordic Corporate Bond B SEK0P0000.1,103.871+0.18%10.29B05/07 
 Evli European High Yield B SEK0P0000.1,444.378-0.06%6.82B05/07 
 Evli European High Yield B NOK0P0001.1,088.014-0.05%6.56B05/07 
 Nordea Norsk Kredittobligasjon I0P0001.1,181.132+0.27%3.97B05/07 
 Nordea Norsk Kredittobligasjon0P0001.1,152.769+0.27%3.97B05/07 
 Ålandsbanken Euro Bond SEK0P0001.298.180+0.34%3.18B05/07 
 Nordea SEK Instituutiokorko T EUR0P0000.103.650-0.17%3.14B05/07 
 Nordea SEK Instituutiokorko K EUR0P0000.110.551-0.17%3.14B05/07 
 Evli European Investment Grade B SEK0P0000.1,141.888+0.59%2.96B05/07 
 Nordea Hållbarhetsfond Obligationer Global A SEK0P0001.92.783+0.17%2.41B05/07 
 Nordea Korko A K EUR0P0000.10.294+0.02%2.38B05/07 
 Nordea Korko B K EUR0P0000.10.404+0.02%2.38B05/07 
 Nordea Korko A T EUR0P0000.9.690+0.02%2.38B05/07 
 Nordea Korko S K EUR0P0000.10.516+0.02%2.38B05/07 
 Nordea Korko I T EUR0P0000.9.837+0.02%2.38B05/07 
 Nordea Korko S T EUR0P0000.10.103+0.02%2.38B05/07 
 Nordea Korko I K EUR0P0000.10.454+0.02%2.38B05/07 
 Nordea Korko B T EUR0P0000.9.791+0.02%2.38B05/07 

France - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Carmignac Sécurité A EUR Acc0P0000.1,670.470+0.12%6.18B05/07 
 Carmignac Sécurité A EUR Ydis0P0000.91.880+0.12%6.18B05/07 
 Groupama Trésorerie M0P0000.1,024.260-0.00%5.14B05/07 
 Groupama Trésorerie IC0P0000.39,748.640-0.00%5.14B05/07 
 Lazard Convertible Global A0P0000.1,639.390+0.85%4.12B01/07 
 Lazard Convertible Global R0P0000.453.500+0.85%4.12B01/07 
 Lazard Convertible Global PC H-EUR0P0001.1,735.410+0.34%4.12B01/07 
 Amundi 12 M I0P0000.104,684+0.04%3.73B05/07 
 Amundi 12 M E0P0000.10,203.190+0.04%3.73B05/07 
 Groupama Entreprises R0P0001.492.860-0.00%3.58B05/07 
 Groupama Entreprises IC0P0000.2,246.540-0.00%3.58B05/07 
 Groupama Entreprises N0P0000.553.590-0.00%3.58B05/07 
 La Française Trésorerie ISR R0P0000.85,176.080-0.00%4.05B05/07 
 Ofi RS Liquidités C/D0P0000.4,310.760-0.01%3.49B14:00:00 
 H2O Multibonds RC0P0001.382.350-0.72%1.71B04/07 
 Impact ES Oblig Euro I0P0000.10,996.867+0.80%1.55B05/07 
 Allianz Euro Oblig Court Terme ISR MC0P0001.98.160+0.02%47.87M05/07 
 Allianz Euro Oblig Court Terme ISR I0P0000.10,401.290+0.01%395.21M05/07 
 CPR Oblig 12 Mois P0P0000.222.790+0.04%1.7B05/07 
 CPR Oblig 12 Mois I0P0000.103,978+0.04%1.7B05/07 

Germany - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 UniInstitutional Euro Reserve Plus0P0001.97.370-0.01%4.79B04/07 
 Wellington Opportunistic Emerging Markets Debt Fun0P0000.15.249-0.18%1.91B05/07 
 Allianz Rentenfonds A EUR0P0000.77.280+0.06%802.44M05/07 
 Allianz Rentenfonds P2 EUR0P0001.87.200+0.07%802.44M05/07 
 UniInstitutional Global Corporate Bonds0P0000.46.720-0.21%1.06B04/07 
 SEB High Yield Fund B0P0000.29.602+0.22%1.08B01/07 
 Allianz Euro Rentenfonds A EUR0P0000.53.440+0.09%955.7M05/07 
 Allianz Euro Rentenfonds - AT - EUR0P0001.95.480+0.10%955.7M05/07 
 DWS Euroland Strategie (Renten) LD0P0000.29.400+0.10%984.95M05/07 
 Allianz Rentenfonds IT2 EUR0P0001.928.820+0.07%802.44M05/07 
 UniInstitutional Premium Corporate Bonds0P0000.54.630-0.33%946.45M04/07 
 DWS Euro Ultra Short Fixed Income Fund0P0000.67.040+0.01%1.02B05/07 
 Allianz Euro Rentenfonds P EUR0P0000.1,058.870+0.11%955.7M05/07 
 UniInstitutional Premium Corporate Bonds FK0P0000.98.190-0.32%946.45M04/07 
 Wellington Global High Yield Bond Fund S EUR Accum0P0000.12.784+0.03%737.99M05/07 
 Deka-VarioInvest TF0P0000.62.610+0.03%1.3B05/07 
 Acatis IfK Value Renten UI C0P0001.33.010-0.15%683.9M05/07 
 Aramea Rendite Plus PF0P0001.94.870+0.04%766.66M05/07 
 Allianz Rentenfonds P EUR0P0000.1,078.070+0.07%802.44M05/07 

Greece - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Eurobank Global Bond Foreign Bond FundLP6806.4.341+0.79%88.72M05/07 
 DELOS Eurobond - Foreign Bond Fund ALP6004.7.387+0.30%82.09M05/07 
 Interamerican Foreign Money Market Fund AccLP6004.10.1090%36.78M05/07 
 ALPHA Money Market Fund0P0000.13.904+0.01%36.86M05/07 
 DELOS USDBond - Foreign Bond Fund ALP6004.7.958+1.82%20.85M05/07 
 3K European Short-Term Money Market Fund (Retail S0P0001.5.280-0.09%6.21M05/07 

Hong Kong - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0000.9.0500.00%477.05B05/07 
 Templeton Global Total Return Fund A acc HKD0P0000.11.160-1.50%26.62B05/07 
 Templeton Global Total Return Fund A Mdis HKD0P0000.5.480-1.44%26.62B05/07 
 Fidelity Funds - US High Yield Fund A-MINCOME-HKD0P0000.9.584+0.09%109.45M05/07 
 Fidelity Funds - Asian High Yield Fund A-MDIST-HKD0P0000.5.180-1.35%642.34M05/07 
 Pictet-Global Emerging Debt P dm HKD0P0000.967.450-0.46%2.26B05/07 
 AB FCP I - American Income Portfolio A2 Acc0P0000.222.980+0.16%15.95B05/07 
 AB FCP I - American Income Portfolio AT Inc0P0000.52.750+0.17%15.95B05/07 
 JPMorgan Funds - Emerging Markets Debt Fund A mth 0P0000.6.560-0.30%1.48B05/07 
 HSBC Investment Funds Trust - HSBC Asian Bond Fund0P0001.8.373-0.07%1.57B05/07 
 JPMorgan Asian Total Return Bond (PRC) (acc) - RMB96800011.840-0.25%1.62B05/07 
 HSBC Global Investment Funds - Global High Yield B0P0000.7.846-0.28%1.21B05/07 
 Franklin Global Convertible Securities Fund A acc 0P0000.19.160-0.05%8.95B05/07 
 BlackRock Global Funds - Emerging Markets Bond Fun0P0000.48.450-0.16%138.44M05/07 
 BOC-P Global Bond Provident0P0000.20.571-0.38%8.2B05/07 
 BEA Union Investment Global Bond ALP6501.118.760-0.04%6B05/07 
 JPMorgan Global Bond Fund (PRC) (mth) - RMB Income9680539.000+0.90%729.06M05/07 
 JPMorgan Global Bond Fund (PRC) - RMB Accumulation9680529.970+0.81%729.06M05/07 
 JPMorgan Global Bond Fund (PRC) (mth) - RMB Income9680518.980+0.45%729.06M05/07 
 JPMorgan Global Bond Fund (PRC) - RMB Accumulation96805010.720+0.37%729.06M05/07 

Hungary - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 NN L Emerging Markets Debt Hard Currency - X Cap H0P0000.113,579+3.07%4.63B05/07 
 ESPA Bond International VTLP6007.25.040+1.95%26.61M14:00:00 

India - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 SBI Life - Bond Fund0P0000.39.640+0.06%255.57B05/07 
 HDFC Medium Term Opportunities Fund -Direct Plan -0P0000.26.298+0.06%221.97B05/07 
 HDFC Medium Term Opportunities Fund Direct Option 0P0001.18.049+0.06%221.97B05/07 
 HDFC Medium Term Opportunities Growth0P0000.25.933+0.06%221.97B05/07 
 HDFC Medium Term Opportunities Fund Regular Option0P0001.17.639+0.06%221.97B05/07 
 HDFC Medium Term Opportunities Quarterly Dividend 0P0000.10.272+0.06%221.97B05/07 
 HDFC Medium Term Opportunities Fund -Direct Plan Q0P0000.10.157+0.06%221.97B05/07 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan GrowthLP6250.433.283+0.05%220.7B05/07 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Direct Plan 0P0000.105.213+0.04%220.7B05/07 
 ICICI Prudential Savings Fund Direct Plan Fortnigh0P0000.101.415+0.04%220.7B05/07 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Dividend Pay0P0001.152.570+0.04%220.7B05/07 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Daily Divide0P0000.105.447+0.04%220.7B05/07 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Fortnightly 0P0000.101.393+0.04%220.7B05/07 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Direct Plan 0P0000.105.469+0.04%220.7B05/07 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Monthly Divi0P0000.101.375+0.04%220.7B05/07 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Direct Plan 0P0000.154.206+0.04%220.7B05/07 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Direct Plan 0P0000.101.397+0.04%220.7B05/07 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Quarterly Di0P0000.105.300+0.04%220.7B05/07 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Direct Plan 0P0000.437.770+0.04%220.7B05/07 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Direct Plan 0P0000.105.468+0.04%220.7B05/07 

Indonesia - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Schroder Dana Mantap Plus II AccSDMP22,865.660+0.02%2,144.47B14:00:00 
 Manulife Dana Tetap Utama0P0001.2,119.540+0.12%1,976.26B14:00:00 
 Makara Abadi0P0000.5,714.330-0.06%1,489.16B14:00:00 
 Ashmore Dana Obligasi NusantaraADON1,494.110+0.06%1,116.21B14:00:00 
 Pendapatan Tetap Utama0P0000.2,551.610-0.03%383.07B14:00:00 
 TRIM Dana Tetap 2LP6510.2,834.810+0.02%307.02B14:00:00 
 Schroder Dana Obligasi Mantap0P0000.1,896.690-0.06%235.43B05/07 
 MNC Dana Lancar0P0000.1,684.598+0.01%141.52B14:00:00 
 Batavia Dana Obligasi Plus0P0000.1,750.800+0.04%147.32B14:00:00 
 Danareksa Melati Pendapatan Utama0P0000.1,695.841-0.02%101.26B14:00:00 
 CIMB-Principal Bond0P0000.38,459.850+0.04%93.61B14:00:00 
 Pendapatan Tetap Abadi 20P0000.2,622.770+0.06%89.63B14:00:00 
 Mandiri Investa Dana Syariah0P0000.4,025.720-0.04%77.26B14:00:00 
 MNC Dana Syariah0P0000.3,073.047-0.04%44.04B14:00:00 
 MNC Dana LikuidLP6503.2,803.347-0.01%44.99B14:00:00 
 BNP Paribas Prima USD0P0000.1.198-0.02%124.16M05/07 
 Danareksa Melati Premium Dollar0P0000.1.346-0.01%53.82M31/05 
 TRAM Pendapatan Tetap USDLP6812.1.252+0.11%933K14:00:00 
 MNC Dana DollarLP6812.1.377-0.01%286.06K05/07 
 Reksa Dana Dana PastiLP6350.5,327.040+0.01%14:00:00 

Ireland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Mercer Global High Yield Bond Fund A1-H-0.0200 JPY0P0001.9,848.960+0.06%510.55M05/07 
 Mercer Global High Yield Bond Fund M1 JPY Hedged0P0001.10,593.220+0.05%1.54B05/07 
 Mercer Short Duration Global Bond Fund 1 M-5 JPY H0P0001.10,249.050-0.02%1.09B05/07 
 Neuberger Berman US Strategic Income Fund I JPY Ac0P0000.1,692.280+0.57%1.28B05/07 
 Mercer Global Buy & Maintain Credit Fund M-5 JPY H0P0001.9,888.470+0.41%1.5B05/07 
 Mercer Global Buy & Maintain Credit Fund A1 0.02000P0001.9,252.980+0.41%1.5B05/07 
 Mercer QIF Fund plc - KKR Multi-Asset Credit A7-H-0P0001.11,640.880-2.75%124.92B31/05 
 PIMCO GIS Income Fund E Class AUD (Hedged) Income0P0001.8.470-0.12%84.76B05/07 
 PIMCO GIS Income Fund E Class SGD (Hedged) Income0P0000.8.7700.00%83.36B05/07 
 Mercer Short Duration Global Bond Fund 2 M-5 JPY H0P0001.9,973.030+0.09%720.05M05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0000.14.130-0.07%60.81B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0000.9.560-0.10%60.81B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0000.15.390-0.06%60.81B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0000.10.600-0.09%60.81B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0000.9.360-0.11%60.81B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0000.10.010-0.10%60.81B05/07 
 BlackRock Institutional Cash Series US Dollar Liqu0P0000.153.460+0.00%65.21B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0000.12.340-0.08%56.76B05/07 
 PIMCO GIS Income Fund T Class EUR (Hedged) Income0P0001.7.250-0.14%56.76B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0000.8.1700.00%56.76B05/07 

Israel - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 More 90/100P0001.125.350+0.02%2.3B05/07 
 Excellence CPI-Linked Medium Term Bd0P0001.107.4+0.09%2.02B05/07 
 Altshuler Shaham 90/100P0000.151.320+0.01%1.78B05/07 
 Migdal ILS Money Market Fund0P0000.143.560-0.03%1.76B05/07 
 Meitav Bonds + 10%0P0001.119.460-0.01%1.73B05/07 
 ISP Asset Management 10/900P0001.123.860+0.12%1.57B05/07 
 Altshuler Shaham Corp Bond no Stk!0P0000.198.200+0.35%1.47B04/07 
 I.B.I Government Plus A and Above0P0001.109.770+0.08%1.45B05/07 
 Yelin Lapidot 90/10LP6812.141.4000%1.42B05/07 
 Yelin Lapidot 90\10 Growth !0P0001.123.790+0.02%1.24B05/07 
 Altshuler Shaham Tel Bond0P0000.185.180+0.07%1.18B05/07 
 Diamond Bonds without Stocks0P0001.112.890+0.04%1.18B05/07 
 Forte Bonds Without Stocks0P0001.109.390+0.04%1.15B05/07 
 Yelin Lapidot A and Above upto 4 Years0P0001.113.180+0.07%1.13B05/07 
 Migdal Portfolio0P0001.129.720+0.02%1.12B05/07 
 Forest Bond!LP6508.213.370+0.07%1.11B05/07 
 Excellence Nexus!0P0000.118.1+0.08%1.11B05/07 
 Psagot CPI-Linked + 10%0P0000.154.820+0.04%1.11B05/07 
 Yelin Lapidot Corporate Bonds !0P0001.122.150+0.07%1.1B05/07 
 Yelin Lapidot Internal Rating System+10%LP6824.133.630-0.04%982.05M05/07 

Italy - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Fidelity Funds Euro Short Term Bond Fund D Acc E0P0001.9.594+0.30%15.73M05/07 
 AXA IM Fixed Income Investment Strategies - US Sho0P0000.168.260+0.03%3.58B05/07 
 Arca RR Diversified Bond0P0000.10.638+0.04%2.9B04/07 
 Anima Liquiditֳ  Euro AM0P0001.48.474-0.02%2.93B04/07 
 Cometa Monetario Plus0P0000.14.403+0.54%2.52B31/05 
 Mediolanum BB Euro Fixed Income L A0P0000.5.797+0.22%2.3B05/07 
 Amundi Funds - Bond Global Emerging Blended SE-C0P0001.97.040-0.25%2.33B05/07 
 Mediolanum Best Brands Global High Yield SH-B Inc0P0000.6.905-0.20%1.99B05/07 
 Mediolanum Flessibile Obbligazionario Globale LA0P0001.8.107-0.09%1.53B04/07 
 Mediolanum Flessibile Obbligazionario Globale ILP6834.8.882-0.09%1.53B04/07 
 Mediolanum Flessibile Obbligazionario Globale L0P0000.6.838-0.10%1.53B04/07 
 Amundi Elite Income Bond B0P0001.4.423-0.11%1.23B04/07 
 Anima Risparmio A0P0001.6.850-0.23%1.32B04/07 
 Anima Risparmio F0P0000.7.042-0.23%1.32B04/07 
 Anima Risparmio H0P0001.6.931-0.23%1.32B04/07 
 Anima Risparmio AD0P0000.6.163-0.23%1.32B04/07 
 Anima Obbligazionario Corporate FLP6820.9.444-0.47%1.18B04/07 
 Anima Obbligazionario Corporate A0P0000.9.001-0.49%1.18B04/07 
 Anima Obbligazionario Corporate AD0P0001.8.013-0.47%1.18B04/07 
 Euromobiliare Cedola 2018 A0P0001.4.417+0.09%1.14B04/07 

Japan - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Daiwa Fund Wrap Japan Bond Select0P0000.11,414.000-0.13%615.84B14:00:00 
 Fidelity US High Yield Fund0P0000.3,077.000-0.68%474.6B14:00:00 
 MUKAM Global Sovereign Open Dividend 1 Month0P0000.5,026.000-0.48%316.11B14:00:00 
 DaiwaSB/SMBC Japan Bond0P0000.11,288.000-0.12%246.92B14:00:00 
 Nomura PIMCO World Income Strategy Fund A Hedged D0P0001.9,974.000-0.14%201.29B14:00:00 
 Nomura Japan Bond Index Managed Account0P0000.9,884.000+0.11%206.4B14:00:00 
 Nomura Foreign Bond Index B Managed Account0P0000.9,576.000-0.50%197.49B14:00:00 
 Daiwa Fund Wrap Foreign Bond Select0P0000.13,354.000+0.40%195.73B14:00:00 
 Daiwa DC Foreign Bond Index0P0000.20,974.000-0.48%162.22B14:00:00 
 Daiwa High Grade Oceania Bond Open Dividend 1 Mont0P0000.5,080.000-1.44%142.08B14:00:00 
 SMTAM DC Japan Bond Index Open S0P0000.12,228.000+0.11%126.53B14:00:00 
 SMTAM Domestic Bond SMTB Selection SMA0P0000.10,493.000+0.01%138.68B14:00:00 
 Nomura Fund Wrap Bond Premium0P0001.9,016.000-0.21%290.22B14:00:00 
 Daiwa Japan Government Bond Fund Dividend 1 Month0P0000.8,606.000+0.09%118.16B14:00:00 
 MUKAM MUFJ DC Domestic Bond Index Fund0P0000.12,747.000+0.11%120.11B14:00:00 
 SMDS Short Term Australian Dollar Bond Open Divide0P0000.3,803.000-1.48%108.33B14:00:00 
 AMOne DIAM High Grade Income Open Dividend 1 Month0P0000.7,208.000-1.37%99.48B14:00:00 
 Nomura PIMCO World Income Strategy Fund C Hedged D0P0001.8,695.000-0.15%95.63B14:00:00 
 MUKAM MUFJ Global Bond Open Dividend 1 Month0P0000.6,277.000-1.52%97.05B14:00:00 
 Daiwa Global Bond Fund Dividend 1 Month0P0000.6,627.000-1.33%96.19B14:00:00 

Latvia - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 ABLV Emerging Markets USD BondLP6510.16.589-0.14%27.57M05/07 
 ABLV Emerging Markets EUR BondLP6510.13.937-0.06%7.92M05/07 
 INVL Emerging Europe Bond0P0000.37.400+0.41%7.51M04/07 

Liechtenstein - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 HAM Global Convertible Bond Fund CHF-A Acc0P0000.1,710.970+0.54%755.08M29/06 
 HAM Global Convertible Bond Fund EUR-A Acc0P0000.2,116.910+0.64%755.08M29/06 
 LGT Select Bond High Yield (USD) IM0P0000.2,290.020+0.02%346.46M05/07 
 Solitaire Global Bond Fund USD0P0001.134.960+0.29%310.54M01/07 
 LLB Wandelanleihen H EUR0P0000.113.960-0.09%244.06M05/07 
 LLB Wandelanleihen LLB Acc0P0000.132.590-0.09%244.06M05/07 
 Chameleon Convertible Bond Fonds Glb-EUR-P-0P0000.167.280-0.04%110.03M01/07 
 LGT Sustainable Bond Fund Global USD I10P0000.1,014.190-0.25%66.52M05/07 
 LGT Sustainable Bond Fund Global EUR IM0P0000.1,729.740+1.52%66.52M05/07 
 LGT Bond Fund EMMA LC (EUR) IM0P0000.1,353.650+0.69%73.29M05/07 
 LGT Sustainable Bond Fund Global EUR l10P0000.1,453.020+1.52%66.52M05/07 
 MAP Debt Fund USD0P0000.133.230+0.01%9.66M01/07 

Lithuania - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 CBL Eastern European Bond R Acc USD0P0000.21.510-0.28%29.45M05/07 
 ABLV European Corporate EUR Bond0P0000.10.731-0.10%3.62M05/07 

Luxembourg - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 AB FCP I American Income Portfolio IT JPY H Inc0P0000.7,053.000+0.16%15.95B05/07 
 AB FCP I - American Income Portfolio IT JPY Inc0P0000.10,229.000+0.52%15.95B05/07 
 Templeton Global Bond Fund N(acc)HUF0P0000.179.080+1.77%1,595.42B05/07 
 Templeton Global Total Return Fund N(acc)HUF0P0000.171.270+1.23%1,256.96B05/07 
 Fidelity Funds US High Yield Fund A Acc HUF (hed0P0001.3,625.000+0.06%4.03B05/07 
 NN (L) Global High Yield X Cap HUF0P0000.116,326+3.36%2.16B05/07 
 Templeton Global Bond Fund I Mdis JPY0P0000.1,046.440-0.93%553.96B05/07 
 Templeton Global Total Return Fund I Mdis JPY0P0000.831.600-1.45%436.44B05/07 
 AB FCP I American Income Portfolio AA ZAR H Inc0P0001.67.610+0.16%15.95B05/07 
 JPMorgan Funds - Global Strategic Bond Fund I (per0P0000.10,546.000+0.04%1.81B05/07 
 Fidelity Funds Euro Corporate Bond Fund A Acc HU0P0001.3,242.000+1.00%479.42M05/07 
 Pictet-Emerging Corporate Bonds I JPY0P0001.16,673.000-0.40%1B01/07 
 AXA World Funds Euro Credit Plus I Distribution 0P0001.9,368.900+0.71%916.88M05/07 
 BlueBay Funds BlueBay Investment Grade Global Ag0P0001.10,794.000-0.09%833.55M04/07 
 Capital Group Global Bond Fund (LUX) Ch JPY0P0001.2,716.000+0.18%862.73M05/07 
 AB FCP I Global High Yield Portfolio AT CNH H In0P0000.66.750-0.46%14.31B05/07 
 AB FCP I Global High Yield Portfolio IT CNH H In0P0001.63.720-0.45%14.31B05/07 
 AB FCP I Global High Yield Portfolio AA CNH H In0P0001.53.550-0.46%14.31B05/07 
 Franklin U.S. Government Fund I(Mdis)JPY H10P0000.731.110+0.24%83.54B05/07 
 Ashmore SICAV Emerging Markets Debt Fund Instituti0P0001.8,836.820-1.05%468.42M05/07 

Malaysia - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Affin Hwang Aiiman Money Market Fund0P0000.0.5430.00%12.16B05/07 
 Principal Islamic Deposit Fund0P0000.1.0090%3.25B14:00:00 
 Affin Hwang Select Cash Fund0P0000.1.0650%2.92B05/07 
 RHB Cash Management Fund 10P0000.1.0000%2.89B14:00:00 
 Eastspring Investments Islamic Income Fund0P0000.0.5240.00%2.61B14:00:00 
 RHB-OSK Islamic Cash Management Fund0P0000.1.0030%1.99B14:00:00 
 Public Bond Fund0P0000.0.9280%1.51B05/07 
 Principal Islamic Money Market Fund0P0000.1.064-0.03%1.47B14:00:00 
 PB Islamic Bond Fund0P0000.1.0770%944.14M14:00:00 
 PB Fixed Income Fund0P0000.1.0360%796M05/07 
 Affin Hwang Enhanced Deposit Fund0P0000.1.1730%792.38M05/07 
 Public Islamic Bond Fund0P0000.0.9370%787.44M14:00:00 
 Principal Islamic Lifetime Sukuk Fund0P0000.1.2520%621.68M14:00:00 
 Libra MoneyExtra Fund0P0000.0.568-0.02%342.15M14:00:00 
 RHB-OSK Cash Management Fund 20P0000.1.4800%10.16B14:00:00 
 Libra AsnitaBond Fund0P0000.0.6060%312.1M14:00:00 
 KAF Money Market Fund0P0000.152.846-0.00%291.53M05/07 
 Eastspring Investments Bond Fund0P0000.0.6410%253.85M14:00:00 
 RHB Islamic Bond Fund0P0000.1.176+0.14%132.91M14:00:00 
 Libra Dana Safa Fund0P0000.0.5360.00%202.43M14:00:00 

Malta - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 APS Diversified Bond Fund Class A EUR Accumulator 0P0001.0.965-0.29%46.47M28/06 
 APS Diversified Bond Fund Class B EUR Distributor 0P0001.0.841-0.30%46.47M28/06 

Mexico - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 BLK Liquidez Gubernamental México - Muy Corto Plaz0P0000.2.7120%196.32B05/07 
 Inversion Horizonte SA de CV S.I.I.D. B0-B0P0000.2.4560%196.32B05/07 
 BLK Liquidez Gubernamental México - Muy Corto Plaz0P0001.2.5100%196.32B05/07 
 BLK Liquidez Gubernamental México - Muy Corto Plaz0P0000.2.6110%196.32B05/07 
 BLK Liquidez Gubernamental México - Muy Corto Plaz0P0001.2.5670%196.32B05/07 
 BLK Liquidez Gubernamental México - Muy Corto Plaz0P0001.2.7200%196.32B05/07 
 BLK Liquidez Gubernamental México - Muy Corto Plaz0P0000.2.6250%196.32B05/07 
 BLK Liquidez Gubernamental México - Muy Corto Plaz0P0001.2.4480%196.32B05/07 
 BLK Liquidez Gubernamental México - Muy Corto Plaz0P0000.2.5160%196.32B05/07 
 BLK Liquidez Gubernamental México - Muy Corto Plaz0P0001.2.5890%196.32B05/07 
 Inversion Horizonte SA de CV S.I.I.D. B0-C0P0000.2.3350%196.32B05/07 
 BLK Liquidez Gubernamental México - Muy Corto Plaz0P0000.2.5800%196.32B05/07 
 BLK Liquidez Gubernamental México - Muy Corto Plaz0P0000.2.8780%196.32B05/07 
 Inversion Horizonte SA de CV S.I.I.D. B0-A0P0000.2.5530%196.32B05/07 
 BLK Liquidez Gubernamental México - Muy Corto Plaz0P0000.2.4610%196.32B05/07 
 Fondo Deuda CP 1 SA de CV S.I.I.D. F0P0000.13.762+0.02%190.07B05/07 
 Fondo Deuda CP 1 SA de CV S.I.I.D. UHN0P0000.18.113+0.02%190.07B05/07 
 Fondo Deuda CP 1 SA de CV S.I.I.D. GB0P0001.12.493+0.02%190.07B05/07 
 Fondo Deuda CP 1 SA de CV S.I.I.D. IF0P0001.12.680+0.02%190.07B05/07 
 Fondo Deuda CP 1 SA de CV S.I.I.D. A0P0000.18.728+0.02%190.07B05/07 

Monaco - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Monaco Court Terme Euro0P0000.5,161.260+0.03%831.3M04/07 
 Monaco Convertible Bond Europe0P0001.1,008.650-0.10%22.53M04/07 

Namibia - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Sanlam Namibia Floating Rate Fund B20P0000.1.0160%1.04B05/07 
 Sanlam Namibia Floating Rate Fund C0P0000.1.0160%1.04B05/07 
 Sanlam Namibia Floating Rate Fund B0P0000.1.0160%1.04B05/07 
 Sanlam Namibia Floating Rate Fund A0P0000.1.0160%1.04B05/07 
 Sanlam Namibia Money Market Fund B10P0000.1.0000%376.06M05/07 
 Sanlam Namibia Money Market Fund A0P0000.1.0000%376.06M05/07 
 Sanlam Namibia Enhanced Cash Fund B10P0000.9.947-0.01%14.75M05/07 
 Sanlam Namibia Enhanced Cash Fund A0P0000.9.947-0.01%14.75M05/07 

Netherlands - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 1895 FONDS FGR - 1895 Wereld Bedrijfsobligaties Fo0P0001.84.070+0.30%1.98B05/07 
 NN Euro Obligatie Fonds - P0P0000.29.930+0.77%910.48M07:00:00 
 Triodos Groenfonds Inc0P0000.53.230-0.52%959.32M05/07 
 Delta Lloyd Rente Fonds B Acc0P0001.13.920+0.94%800.07M05/07 
 Delta Lloyd Rente Fonds A0P0000.12.810+0.95%800.07M07:00:00 
 ASN Duurzaam Obligatiefonds0P0000.25.030+0.48%538.79M07:00:00 
 DPAM INVEST B Bonds Eur V Distribution0P0000.46.630+0.69%521.1M05/07 
 DPAM INVEST B Bonds Eur W Capitalisation0P0000.79.950+0.68%521.1M05/07 
 Delta Lloyd Sovereign Bond Fund0P0000.1,385.950+1.01%386.69M05/07 
 NN Global Obligatie Fonds - P0P0000.15.190+1.67%392.67M07:00:00 
 SKAGEN Tellus A0P0000.10.487-0.64%297.89M05/07 
 SKAGEN Tellus B0P0001.10.519+1.13%295.98M05/07 
 AEAM Global High Yield Fund EUR Inc0P0000.11.7100.00%252.91M07:00:00 
 Robeco Institutional Core Euro Government Bonds0P0001.107.550+0.91%222.77M05/07 
 Delta Lloyd Sovereign XLT Bond Fund A0P0000.28.730-0.14%173.1M07:00:00 
 Delta Lloyd Sovereign XLT Bond Fund0P0000.1,909.000-0.48%173.1M30/09 
 NN First Class Obligatie Fonds - P0P0000.18.910+0.53%141.85M07:00:00 
 Delta Lloyd Sovereign LT Bond Fund0P0000.1,636.600+1.41%82.24M05/07 
 SNS Euro Obligatiefonds0P0000.17.010+0.35%82.53M14:00:00 
 Optimix Income Fund0P0000.31.830-0.25%68.52M07:00:00 

New Zealand - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Russell Investments Global Fixed Interest Fund0P0000.1.057+0.63%652.37M01/07 
 Nikko AM NZ Corporate Bond Fund0P0000.1.147-0.25%486.32M05/07 
 AMP Capital NZ Fixed Interest Fund0P0000.1.575+0.54%307.31M04/07 
 Forsyth Barr Premium Yield Fund0P0000.1.824-0.29%196.78M05/07 
 Nikko AM Global Bond Fund0P0000.1.126-0.23%95.66M05/07 
 Nikko AM NZ Bond Fund0P0000.0.988-0.36%75.2M05/07 
 AMP Prem PSS SSgA Global Fixed Int Index0P0000.1.961-0.25%4.85M05/07 
 OneAnswer KiwiSaver-New Zealand Fixed Interest0P0000.1.760-0.35%6.87M05/07 
 AMP NZRT NZ Fixed Interest0P0001.1.261-0.52%4.86M05/07 
 AMP Prem PUT SSgA Global Fixed Int Index0P0000.1.811-0.25%2.61M05/07 
 AMP ARS-NZ Fixed Interest0P0001.2.530-0.93%3.45M30/06 
 AMP Prem PSS ACI NZ Fixed Interest0P0000.2.091-0.53%7.41M05/07 
 AMP Prem PSS PIMCO Global Fixed Interest0P0000.2.311-0.25%2.52M05/07 
 AMP IL Fixed Securities Fund (X)0P0000.4.006+0.05%1.81M31/05 
 AMP IL no E Fee Fixed Securities (XN)0P0000.2.2490%31/05 

Norway - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global Bo0P0000.200.410+0.07%113.59B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global Bo0P0000.212.010+0.08%113.59B05/07 
 Nordea 1 - European Covered Bond Fund BP NOK0P0000.126.890+0.03%4.7B05/07 
 Nordea 1 - European High Yield Bond Fund BP NOK0P0000.316.600-0.18%3.2B05/07 
 DNB Obligasjon III0P0000.9,666.259+0.28%31.61B05/07 
 DNB Global Credit0P0000.8,048.640+0.25%28.87B05/07 
 KLP Obligasjon Global I0P0000.938.606+0.04%55.95B05/07 
 KLP Obligasjon Global II0P0000.926.298+0.04%55.95B05/07 
 DNB AM Lang Obligasjon0P0000.940.905+0.26%16.87B05/07 
 Storebrand Norsk Kreditt IG B0P0000.990.136+0.21%22.52B05/07 
 Alfred Berg Nordic Investment Grade Classic0P0001.97.078+0.07%20.84B05/07 
 Alfred Berg Nordic Investment Grade Inst0P0001.98.077+0.07%20.84B05/07 
 Storebrand Global Kreditt IG0P0000.908.585+0.48%17.92B05/07 
 Storebrand Likviditet B0P0000.10,034.716+0.01%16.6B05/07 
 DNB High Yield0P0001.1,046.552+1.36%13.25B04/07 
 DNB High YieldDK-HGY.995.492-0.07%13.25B05/07 
 Alfred Berg Likviditet Pluss0P0000.102.761+0.01%12.91B05/07 
 Kombinert Forvaltning Renter0P0000.1,821.300-0.03%10.77B04/07 
 DNB Likviditet (IV)0P0000.1,006.817-0.00%10.77B05/07 
 DNB AM Kort Obligasjon0P0000.1,000.446+0.01%11.82B05/07 

Oman - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 BankMuscat Money Market OMR0P0000.1.2540%39.86M20/06 

Philippines - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Metrofund Starter Fund0P0000.1.7180%94.87B05/07 
 BPI Short Term Fund0P0000.156.8300.00%80.66B14:00:00 
 BPI Institutional Fund0P0000.264.640+0.01%66.71B14:00:00 
 ALFM Money Market Fund0P0000.132.250+0.03%61.99B14:00:00 
 ALFM Peso Bond Fund0P0000.373.150+0.00%41.93B14:00:00 
 ABF Philippines Bond Index Fund0P0000.239.630-0.06%12.67B05/07 
 BPI Premium Bond Fund0P0000.197.970-0.15%6.06B14:00:00 
 UnionBank Philippine Peso Fixed Income Portfolio0P0000.294.399+0.02%1.71B05/07 
 Metrofund Peak Earner Fund0P0000.2.0670%2.1B05/07 
 Metrofund Elite Fund0P0000.2.113-0.01%1.01B05/07 
 BPI Global Philippine Fund0P0000.312.140+0.01%813.28M14:00:00 
 ALFM Dollar Bond Fund0P0000.481.360+0.02%271.07M14:00:00 
 Metro Dollar Short Term Fund0P0000.1.3580%113M05/07 
 BPI Philippine Dollar Bond Index Fund0P0000.227.570+0.23%37.92M14:00:00 
 Metrodollar Philippine Bond Fund0P0000.2.0570%26.12M05/07 
 BPI lnternational Fund Plus0P0000.166.470+0.04%17.58M05/07 
 ALFM Euro Bond Fund0P0000.210.5900%15.7M14:00:00 
 UnionBank Dollar Bond Portfolio0P0000.2.245-0.06%7.21M05/07 
 UnionBank Tax Exempt Portfolio0P0000.244.281+0.03%1.79B05/07 
 Metrodollar Philippine Liquid Fund0P0000.1.7530%2.45M05/07 

Poland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 PKO Obligacji Dlugoterminowych0P0000.179.060-0.60%7.24B05/07 
 PKO Skarbowy0P0000.2,062.770-0.30%6.65B05/07 
 UniKorona Dochodowy Acc0P0000.214.040+0.05%6.33B06/06 
 Pekao Spokojna Inwestycja0P0000.13.0400%3.35B04/07 
 Santander Dluzny Krótkoterminowy Acc0P0000.30.160-0.07%3.1B04/07 
 PZU FIO Papierow Dluznych POLONEZ A0P0000.151.260-0.18%2.81B04/07 
 PZU FIO Papierow Dluznych POLONEZ B0P0000.151.250-0.18%2.81B04/07 
 PZU FIO Papierow Dluznych POLONEZ IKE0P0000.151.460-0.18%2.81B04/07 
 PZU FIO Papierow Dluznych POLONEZ I0P0000.160.200-0.17%2.81B04/07 
 Aviva Investors Dluzny0P0000.1,651.730-0.60%2.77B05/07 
 PKO Papierów Dluznych Plus0P0000.153.040-0.53%2.75B05/07 
 Pekao Konserwatywny0P0000.203.900+0.05%2.61B04/07 
 PZU FIO Gotowkowy A0P0000.77.570-0.03%1.93B04/07 
 PZU FIO Gotowkowy I0P0000.82.960-0.02%1.93B04/07 
 PZU FIO Gotowkowy IKE0P0000.77.540-0.04%1.93B04/07 
 Investor Plynna Lokata FIO P0P0000.276.500-0.04%1.46B04/07 
 Investor Plynna Lokata FIO A0P0000.254.820-0.02%1.46B04/07 
 Investor Plynna Lokata FIO I0P0000.263.430-0.02%1.46B04/07 
 Arka Prestiz Obligacji Skarbowych SFIO0P0000.1,263.690-0.18%1.5B04/07 
 Aviva Investors Pieniezny0P0000.1,552.620-0.07%1.27B05/07 

Portugal - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 IMGA Liquidez A - Fundo de Investimento Mobiliário0P0000.5.165+0.04%730.5M01/07 
 BPI Reforma Obrigações PPR/OICVM Fundo de Investim0P0000.12.318+0.51%476.35M01/07 
 Caixa Disponível - Fundo de Investimento Mobiliári0P0000.5.189+0.16%383.84M01/07 
 IMGA Euro Taxa Variável A – Fundo de Investimento 0P0000.5.604+0.03%267.62M01/07 
 IMGA Euro Taxa Variável R - Fundo de Investimento 0P0001.4.791+0.03%267.62M01/07 
 IMGA Money Market R - Fundo de Investimento Mobili0P0001.4.9750%255.17M01/07 
 IMGA Money Market A – Fundo de Investimento Mobili0P0000.5,459.365+0.01%255.17M01/07 
 IMGA Rendimento Semestral R - Fundo de Investiment0P0001.4.618-0.11%232.03M01/07 
 IMGA Rendimento Semestral A – Fundo de Investiment0P0000.3.355-0.11%232.03M01/07 
 Caixagest Obrigações -- Fundo de Investimento MobiLP6004.4.304+0.08%221.36M01/07 
 Caixagest Obrigações Longo Prazo - Fundo de InvestLP6004.11.331+0.82%145.92M01/07 
 Fundo de Investimento Mobiliário Aberto de ObrigaçLP6004.7.307+0.03%142.49M01/07 
 BPI Obrigações Mundiais - Fundo de Investimento AbLP6004.7.074-0.13%112.73M04/07 
 NB Obrigações Europa - Fundo de Investimento Mobil0P0000.24.661+0.07%133.07M05/07 
 NB CAPITAL Fundo de Investimento Mobiliֳ¡rio A0P0000.5.465+0.13%97.4M05/07 
 NB Rendimento Plus – Fundo de Investimento Mobiliá0P0000.9.309+0.18%95.4M05/07 
 IMGA Rendimento Mais – Fundo de Investimento Mobil0P0000.5.546+0.10%89.48M01/07 
 Caixagest Obrigaֳ§ֳµes Mais - Fundo de Investiment0P0000.5.445+0.29%81.94M01/07 
 Fundo de Investimento Mobiliário Aberto do Mercado0P0000.5.6060%74.19M01/07 
 NB Tesouraria Ativa - Fundo de Investimento MobiliLP6004.7.619+0.22%65.78M05/07 

Saudi Arabia - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Riyad Money0P0000.1,730.52+0.01%453.52M05/07 
 Riyad International Bond Fund0P0000.12.783+0.18%26.75M05/07 
 Riyad Money Fund USD0100127.487+0.01%21.72M05/07 

Singapore - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 AB FCP I - American Income Portfolio A2 Acc0P0000.39.970+0.86%15.95B05/07 
 AB FCP I - American Income Portfolio AT Inc0P0000.9.460+0.85%15.95B05/07 
 Templeton Global Bond Fund A Mdis SGD0P0000.7.480-0.27%5.9B05/07 
 Templeton Global Total Return Fund A Mdis SGD0P0000.5.910-0.84%4.65B05/07 
 Fidelity Funds - Asian High Yield Fund A-MDIST-SGD0P0000.0.480-1.23%203.85M05/07 
 UBS Lux Bond Fund - Euro High Yield EUR (SGD hedge0P0000.76.670-0.03%1.21B05/07 
 UOB United SGD Fund Class A SGD Acc0P0000.1.9510%970.82M05/07 
 AB FCP I - Mortgage Income Portfolio I2 SGD Acc0P0001.25.030-0.12%1.79B28/05 
 Fullerton SGD Income Fund - Class B0P0000.0.857-0.21%1.54B05/07 
 Fullerton SGD Income Fund - Class C0P0000.0.908-0.21%1.54B05/07 
 AB FCP I - European Income Portfolio AT Inc0P0000.11.010-0.09%1.62B15/07 
 Fullerton SGD Income Fund - Class A0P0000.0.909-0.22%1.54B05/07 
 AIA Regional Fixed Income Fund0P0000.2.279-0.13%1.44B05/07 
 Fullerton SGD Cash Fund A Acc0P0000.1.0960%1.61B07:00:00 
 Eastspring Investments Funds - Monthly Income Plan0P0000.0.6260%320.56M05/07 
 AB FCP I - Mortgage Income Portfolio AT SGD Inc0P0001.15.580+0.52%875.44M05/07 
 AB FCP I - Emerging Markets Debt Portfolio A2 SGD 0P0001.46.8400.00%990.68M28/05 
 AB FCP I - Emerging Markets Debt Portfolio I2 SGD 0P0001.50.8900.00%990.68M28/05 
 AB FCP I - Mortgage Income Portfolio A2 SGD Acc0P0001.24.480+0.53%875.44M05/07 
 PruLink Singapore Dynamic Bond Fund0P0000.1.3160%803.03M04/07 

Slovenia - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 KD BondLP6507.17.753+0.79%39.3M05/07 

South Africa - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Nedgroup Investments Core Income Funds E0P0000.0.9970%55.73B05/07 
 Nedgroup Investments Core Income Fund A10P0000.0.9970%55.73B05/07 
 STANLIB Corporate Money Market Fund B30P0000.1.0000%69.23B05/07 
 STANLIB Corporate Money Market Fund B20P0000.1.0000%69.23B05/07 
 STANLIB Corporate Money Market Fund B70P0000.1.0000%62.71B11/05 
 STANLIB Corporate Money Market Fund B60P0000.1.0000%69.23B05/07 
 STANLIB Corporate Money Market Fund B10P0000.1.0000%69.23B05/07 
 STANLIB Corporate Money Market Fund B130P0000.1.0000%69.23B05/07 
 STANLIB Corporate Money Market Fund B80P0000.1.0000%69.23B05/07 
 STANLIB Corporate Money Market Fund B40P0000.1.0000%69.23B05/07 
 STANLIB Corporate Money Market Fund B50P0000.1.0000%69.23B05/07 
 Nedgroup Investments Core Income Fund C20P0000.0.9970%55.73B05/07 
 Nedgroup Investments Core Income Fund C100P0000.0.9970%55.73B05/07 
 STANLIB Income Fund R0P0000.1.3540%55.27B05/07 
 STANLIB Income Fund B10P0000.1.3540%55.27B05/07 
 STANLIB Income Fund B20P0000.1.3540%55.27B05/07 
 STANLIB Income Fund B50P0000.1.3540%55.27B05/07 
 STANLIB Income Fund B60P0000.1.3540%55.27B05/07 
 STANLIB Income Fund D0P0000.1.3540%55.27B05/07 
 Nedgroup Investments Core Income Fund C40P0000.0.9970%55.73B05/07 

South Korea - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 TongYang High Plus Feeder Bond 1 B0P0000.1,018.500+0.07%918.35B05/07 
 TongYang High Plus Feeder Bond 1 I0P0000.1,011.170+0.07%918.35B05/07 
 KyoboAXA Tomorrow Long-term Gilt Bond K1 C20P0000.987.180+0.52%791.89B05/07 
 KyoboAXA Tomorrow Long-term Gilt Bond K1 CW0P0000.980.700+0.52%791.89B05/07 
 KyoboAXA Tomorrow Long-term Gilt Bond K1 CP20P0000.972.860+0.52%791.89B05/07 
 KyoboAXA Tomorrow Long-term Gilt Bond K1 A0P0000.983.460+0.52%791.89B05/07 
 KyoboAXA Tomorrow Long-term Gilt Bond K1 C10P0000.988.920+0.52%791.89B05/07 
 Samsung ABF Korea Index Bond A0P0000.901.730+0.95%677.53B05/07 
 Samsung ABF Korea Index Bond Cp0P0000.896.380+0.95%677.53B05/07 
 Samsung ABF Korea Index Bond I0P0000.901.770+0.95%677.53B05/07 
 Samsung ABF Korea Index Bond R0P0000.894.490+0.95%677.53B05/07 
 MiraeAsset Global Dynamic Plus Feeder Bond 1 CI0P0000.930.690-0.04%503.27B05/07 
 MiraeAsset Global Dynamic Plus Feeder Bond 1 CF0P0000.929.480-0.04%503.27B05/07 
 MiraeAsset Retirement Plan Global Dynamic Feeder B0P0000.914.240+0.01%373.98B05/07 
 MiraeAsset Retirement Plan Global Dynamic Feeder B0P0000.910.080+0.01%373.98B05/07 
 Samsung Korea Mid-term Bond Feeder Bond 1 CP0P0000.988.170+0.55%324.27B05/07 
 AB Global High Yield Bond-Fund of Funds A0P0000.1,097.170+0.00%276.66B05/07 
 AB Global High Yield Bond-Fund of Funds I0P0000.1,136.330+0.01%276.66B05/07 
 MiraeAsset Global Dynamic Feeder Bond 1 F0P0000.916.790+0.01%242.25B05/07 
 MiraeAsset Global Dynamic Feeder Bond 1 A0P0000.912.240+0.01%242.25B05/07 

Spain - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Caixabank Monetario Rendimiento Plus FI0P0000.7.694-0.03%4.04B04/07 
 Caixabank Monetario Rendimiento Premium FI0P0000.7.755-0.03%4.04B04/07 
 Caixabank Monetario Rendimiento Cartera FI0P0000.7.777-0.02%4.04B04/07 
 Caixabank Monetario Rendimiento Esto¡ndar FI0P0000.7.625-0.03%4.04B04/07 
 Caixabank Monetario Rendimiento Institucional FI0P0000.7.875-0.02%4.04B04/07 
 Caixabank Monetario Rendimiento Platinum FI0P0000.7.819-0.03%4.04B04/07 
 Santander Renta Fija Corto Plazo I FI105931.6.950%2.71B04/07 
 Santander Renta Fija Corto Plazo A FI0P0001.6.939-0.10%2.71B04/07 
 Amundi Index Solutions - Amundi Index J.P. Morgan 0P0000.128.260+0.41%2.23B05/07 
 Sabadell Rendimiento Pyme FI0P0001.9.139+0.03%2.25B04/07 
 Sabadell Rendimiento Base FI173829.9.110%2.25B04/07 
 Sabadell Rendimiento Canalizador FI0P0001.9.238+0.03%2.25B04/07 
 Sabadell Rendimiento Cartera FI0P0001.9.215+0.03%2.25B04/07 
 Sabadell Rendimiento Empresa FI0P0001.9.154+0.03%2.25B04/07 
 Sabadell Rendimiento Plus FI0P0001.9.154+0.03%2.25B04/07 
 Sabadell Rendimiento Premier FI0P0001.9.197+0.03%2.25B04/07 
 Kutxabank RF Carteras FI125627.6.22-0.04%1.85B04/07 
 Santander Rendimiento A FI138534.81.93+0.02%2.16B04/07 
 Santander Rendimiento B FI138534.86.92+0.02%2.16B04/07 
 Santander Rendimiento Cartera FI0P0001.92.988-0.02%2.16B04/07 

Sweden - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 AP7 Räntefond0P0000.106.360-0.05%83.4B05/07 
 Swedbank Robur Räntefond Kort Plus0P0001.122.6200.00%47.13B05/07 
 Swedbank Robur Penningmarknadsfond0P0000.100.270+0.03%39.94B05/07 
 Nordea 1 - European High Yield Bond Fund BP SEK0P0000.333.020+0.36%3.2B05/07 
 Swedbank Robur Ethica Obligation0P0000.12.730+0.39%27.65B05/07 
 Swedbank Robur Obligation B0P0001.106.400+0.41%9.68B05/07 
 Nordea SEK Instituutiokorko K SWE0P0000.1,194.082+0.08%32.93B05/07 
 Handelsbanken Företagsobligation Investment Grade 0P0001.98.900+0.08%28.9B05/07 
 Handelsbanken Företagsobligation Investment Grade 0P0001.94.640+0.08%28.9B05/07 
 Handelsbanken Kortränta Criteria (B1 SEK)0P0000.93.060+0.03%26.31B05/07 
 Handelsbanken Kortränta Criteria (A1 SEK)0P0000.104.320+0.03%26.31B05/07 
 SEB Korträntefond SEK utd0P0000.8.883+0.03%29.76B05/07 
 SEB Korträntefond SEK0P0000.10.070+0.03%29.76B05/07 
 SEB Korträntefond SEK Institutional0P0001.99.552+0.03%29.76B05/07 
 Handelsbanken Institutionell Kortränta Criteria (A0P0001.100.160+0.03%22.85B05/07 
 Handelsbanken Institutionell Kortränta Criteria (B0P0001.97.180+0.03%22.85B05/07 
 Handelsbanken Långränta Criteria (B1 SEK)0P0000.90.050+0.46%21.2B05/07 
 Handelsbanken Långränta Criteria (A1 SEK)0P0000.108.140+0.46%21.2B05/07 
 Länsförsäkringar Kort räntefond0P0000.102.999+0.05%16.52B05/07 
 SPP Korträntefond0P0000.117.914+0.00%15.6B05/07 

Switzerland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 CSIF CH Bond JPY Index Blue DA0P0000.106,831-0.21%69.46B05/07 
 CSIF CH Bond JPY Index Blue ZA0P0000.105,700-0.21%69.46B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0001.7.400-0.13%58.28B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0001.10.620-0.09%58.28B05/07 
 UBS CH Institutional Fund - JPY Bonds Passive U-X0P0000.10,532,967-0.27%50.62B05/07 
 BlackRock Global Funds - Renminbi Bond Fund A2 CHF0P0000.14.4300.00%2.71B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global Bo0P0000.31.300+0.06%11.58B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global Bo0P0000.18.370+0.05%11.58B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global Bo0P0000.12.060+0.08%11.58B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global In0P0000.9.8800.00%11.38B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global In0P0000.15.300+0.07%11.38B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global In0P0000.11.2200.00%11.38B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global In0P0000.9.690+0.10%11.38B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Diversifi0P0000.7.4200.00%10.92B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Diversifi0P0000.12.1300.00%10.92B05/07 
 Jupiter Global Fund - Jupiter Dynamic Bond Class L0P0000.10.430+0.10%7.32B05/07 
 CSIF CH Switzerland Bond Index AAA-BBB Blue FA0P0000.974.300+0.52%9.47B05/07 
 CSIF CH Switzerland Bond Index AAA-BBB Blue FA0P0000.980.480+1.38%9.47B05/07 
 CSIF CH Switzerland Bond Index AAA-BBB Blue DA38943521,004.400+0.52%9.47B05/07 
 CSIF CH Switzerland Bond Index AAA-BBB Blue ZA39003051,002.670+0.52%9.47B05/07 

Taiwan - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Allianz Global Investors All Seasons Harvest Fund 0P0000.11.790-0.01%11.4B05/07 
 Fuh Hwa Emerging Market High Yield Bond Fund A0P0000.8.120-0.12%2.66B05/07 
 Fuh Hwa Emerging Market High Yield Bond Fund B0P0000.3.770-0.26%2.66B05/07 
 JPMorgan Taiwan Global Fund of Bond Inc0P0000.8.060-0.34%800.08M05/07 
 JPMorgan Taiwan Global Fund of Bond Acc0P0000.10.726-0.34%800.08M05/07 
 Fubon Global Investment-grade Bond Fund A TWD0P0000.10.145+0.33%478.93M05/07 
 Fubon Global Investment-grade Bond Fund B TWD0P0000.8.076+0.33%478.93M05/07 
 Nomura Global Bond Portfolio Fund0P0000.12.875+0.07%228.7M05/07 
 Capital Strategic Income Fund0P0000.9.910-0.10%204.46M05/07 
 Fubon China High Yield Bond Fund-B CNY0P0000.4.252-0.44%88M05/07 
 Fubon China High Yield Bond Fund-A CNY0P0000.7.757-0.44%88M05/07 
 Fubon China High Yield Bond Fund-B USD0P0001.0.644-0.57%13.18M05/07 
 Fubon China High Yield Bond Fund-A USD0P0001.1.111-0.56%13.18M05/07 

Thailand - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Bualuang Thanatavee Fixed Income FundB-TNTV13.4060%105.25B14:00:00 
 K Cash Management FundK-CASH13.2690%113.27B14:00:00 
 SCB Savings Fixed Income Open End FundSCBSFF20.8070%54.84B14:00:00 
 Bualuang Treasury FundB-TREA.11.2610%40.33B14:00:00 
 The Krung Thai Sa-Som-Sub FundKTSS13.1330%28.9B14:00:00 
 K Treasury FundK-TREA.13.1910%16.36B14:00:00 
 TMB Treasury Money FundTMBTM13.9050%15.78B14:00:00 
 Phatra Money Positive FundPHATRA.12.2270%6.14B14:00:00 
 Krungsri Cash Management FundKFCASH13.3690%13.46B14:00:00 
 Thanachart Cash Management FundT-CASH13.6680%12.39B14:00:00 
 TMB Global Income FundTMBGIN.11.115-0.05%11.42B05/07 
 Krungsri Cash RMFKFCASH.13.2840%7.38B14:00:00 
 Krungsri Global Collective Smart Income FundKF-CSI.10.579-0.05%5.89B05/07 
 SCB Treasury Money Plus Open End Fund (Class I)SCBTMF.11.3040%6.41B14:00:00 
 UOB Sure Daily Open-ended FundUOBSD12.9540%5.94B05/07 
 Thanachart Money Market FundT-MONEY12.135-0.01%5.87B14:00:00 
 Krung Thai Savings FundKTSV11.7270%6.47B14:00:00 
 KTAM Global Credit Income Fund R0P0001.9.540+0.27%541.82M05/07 
 SCB Treasury Money Plus Open End Fund (Class A)SCBTMF.11.3030%4.71B14:00:00 
 TMB Money Retirement Mutual FundTMBMRMF13.0800%4.63B14:00:00 

United Arab Emirates - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Emirates Global Sukuk Fund USD Institutional ShareLP6513.15.756+0.28%146.84M05/07 
 Rasmala Investment Funds - Rasmala Global Sukuk FuLP6825.98.520+0.02%62.77M05/07 

United Kingdom - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0000.9.550-0.10%48.25B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0000.9.140-0.11%48.25B05/07 
 Vanguard Global Bond Index Fund Instl Pls GBP Hedg0P0001.95.485+0.43%19.51B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global Bo0P0000.20.090+0.10%9.59B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global Bo0P0000.21.320+0.09%9.59B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global Bo0P0000.12.640+0.08%9.59B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global In0P0000.11.480+0.09%9.42B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global In0P0000.11.140+0.09%9.42B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global In0P0000.8.450+0.12%9.42B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global In0P0000.11.0800%9.42B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global In0P0000.19.110+0.05%9.42B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Diversifi0P0000.12.650-0.08%9.04B05/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Diversifi0P0000.5.890-0.17%9.04B05/07 
 Jupiter Global Fund - Jupiter Dynamic Bond Class D0P0000.12.790+0.08%7.32B05/07 
 Jupiter Global Fund - Jupiter Dynamic Bond Class D0P0000.8.750+0.11%7.32B05/07 
 Jupiter Global Fund - Jupiter Dynamic Bond Class I0P0000.9.520+0.11%7.32B05/07 
 BlackRock UK Gilts All Stocks Tracker Fund X Inc0P0000.1.06-0.20%5.59B05/07 
 BlackRock Corporate Bond Tracker Fund D Inc0P0000.1.19-0.17%4.44B05/07 
 BlackRock Corporate Bond Tracker Fund H Acc0P0001.1.23-0.17%4.44B05/07 
 BlackRock Corporate Bond Tracker Fund L Acc0P0000.1.53-0.17%4.44B05/07 

United States - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Fidelity Government Money Market FundSPAXX1.0000%229.65B05/07 
 Fidelityֲ® Government Cash ReservesFDRXX1.0000%225.41B05/07 
 Vanguard Total Bond Market II Index Fund Investor VTBIX9.88+0.30%123.23B05/07 
 Vanguard Total Bond Market II Idx IVTBNX9.88+0.30%112.83B05/07 
 Vanguard Total Bond Market Index AdmVBTLX10.00+0.30%102.48B05/07 
 Vanguard Cash Reserves Federal Money Market Fund AVMRXX1.0000%87.72B05/07 
 Vanguard Target Retirement 2030 InvVTHRX32.16-0.16%81.87B05/07 
 Vanguard Target Retirement 2025 Fund Investor SharVTTVX17.250-0.12%79.74B05/07 
 Vanguard Target Retirement 2035 InvVTTHX19.78-0.20%79.69B05/07 
 PIMCO Income InstlPIMIX10.64-0.09%67.63B05/07 
 Vanguard Target Retirement 2040 InvVFORX34.55-0.26%68.85B05/07 
 Vanguard Target Retirement 2045 InvVTIVX23.11-0.30%63.95B05/07 
 Dodge & Cox IncomeDODIX12.65+0.16%62.7B05/07 
 Fidelity US Bond Index Instl PremFXNAX10.74+0.28%52.69B05/07 
 Vanguard Target Retirement 2050 InvVFIFX38.06-0.34%50.83B05/07 
 PIMCO Total Return InstlPTTRX9.07+0.22%47.9B05/07 
 Vanguard Short-Term Investment-Grade AdmVFSUX10.13+0.10%49.2B05/07 
 Vanguard Target Retirement 2020 InvVTWNX26.89-0.04%46B05/07 
 Strategic Advisers Core IncomeFPCIX9.53+0.21%45.52B05/07 
 Vanguard Total Bond Market Index IVBTIX10.00+0.30%43.75B05/07 
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