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Australia - Funds

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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 PIMCO Global Bond Fund Wholesale Class0P0000.0.998-0.02%06/12 
 CFS FC W Pen-CFS W Index Aus BondLP6500.2.268+0.16%4.88B06/12 
 CFS FC W PSup-CFS W Index Aus BondLP6500.2.019+0.14%4.88B06/12 
 CFS FC W Pen-FirstChoice W Fixed IntLP6500.2.425+0.11%4.76B06/12 
 CFS FC W PSup-FirstChoice W Fixed IntLP6500.2.122+0.10%4.66B06/12 
 CFS FC ESup-FirstChoice Fixed Intr SelLP6821.1.299+0.10%4.66B06/12 
 PIMCO Diversified Fixed Interest Fund0P0000.955.596+0.10%604.11M06/12 
 PIMCO Diversified Fixed Interest Fund Wholesale Cl0P0000.0.986+0.10%06/12 
 Henderson Australian Fixed Interest Fund - Institu0P0000.1.065+0.23%3.35B06/12 
 PIMCO Australian Bond Fund Wholesale Class0P0000.0.979+0.23%06/12 
 PIMCO Australian Bond Fund0P0000.1,088.094+0.22%2.31B06/12 
 Bentham Professional Syndicated Loan Fund0P0000.0.8560%2.74B03/12 
 Bentham Wholesale Syndicated Loan Fund0P0000.0.9130%2.69B03/12 
 Vanguard International Fixed Interest Index Fund H0P0000.1.083+0.26%2.27B03/12 
 Dimensional Global Bond Trust0P0000.10.607-0.30%2.21B06/12 
 Macquarie True Index Australian Fixed Interest0P0000.1.000+0.17%1.92B06/12 
 Macquarie Master Enhanced Fixed Interest0P0000.1.008+0.17%1.92B06/12 
 BT Government Bond Fund0P0000.1.047+0.17%1.91B06/12 
 CFS FC PSup-PIMCO Global Bond0P0000.1.280-0.07%1.78B06/12 
 CFS FC Pen-PIMCO Global Bond0P0000.1.313-0.08%1.78B06/12 

Austria - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 GAM Star Fund plc - GAM Star Credit Opportunities 0P0000.13.960+0.05%4.94M06/12 
 ERSTE Bond Emerging Markets Corporate A0P0000.112.460-0.04%765.89M14:00:00 
 ERSTE Bond Emerging Markets Corporate T0P0000.185.330-0.04%765.89M14:00:00 
 Raiffeisen 304-Euro Corporates T0P0000.169.490+0.11%637.62M14:00:00 
 Raiffeisen 304-Euro Corporate VWG VT0P0000.205.780+0.11%637.62M14:00:00 
 Raiffeisen 304-Euro Corporates A0P0000.120.860+0.11%637.62M14:00:00 
 Raiffeisen-Europa-HighYield I T0P0001.293.780+0.05%577.03M14:00:00 
 KEPLER Europa Rentenfonds A0P0000.103.330+0.19%531.74M14:00:00 
 KEPLER Europa Rentenfonds T0P0000.163.640+0.20%531.74M14:00:00 
 UNIQA Eastern European Debt Fund VTA0P0000.792.350+0.05%442.56M14:00:00 
 UNIQA Eastern European Debt Fund ALP6006.325.160+0.05%442.56M14:00:00 
 Raiffeisen-Euro-Rent I A0P0001.151.810-0.11%365.83M30/11 
 Raiffeisen Euro Bonds R0P0000.173.770+0.13%365.83M14:00:00 
 Raiffeisen-Euro-Rent (I) VT0P0000.180.110+0.13%365.83M14:00:00 
 Raiffeisen-Euro-Rent (R) A0P0000.86.010+0.13%365.83M14:00:00 
 Raiffeisen-Euro-Rent (R) T0P0000.146.390+0.13%365.83M14:00:00 
 ESPA Reserve Euro Plus A0P0000.70.3300.00%378.53M14:00:00 
 ESPA Reserve Euro Plus T0P0000.106.980-0.01%378.53M14:00:00 
 Raiffeisen-Global-Rent (R) VT0P0000.111.160-0.13%375.83M14:00:00 
 ERSTE Responsible Reserve A0P0000.94.840+0.01%370.16M14:00:00 

Bahrain - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 BLOM Bond0P0000.3,684.906-7.04%329.59M05/02 
 Makaseb Income0P0000.16.310+0.20%23.91M02/01 
 Tharawat Sukuk0P0000.0.0220.00%04/02 

Belgium - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 DPAM INVEST B Bonds Eur A Distribution0P0000.54.110+0.07%573.92M06/12 
 DPAM INVEST B Bonds Eur B Capitalisation0P0000.90.300+0.08%573.92M06/12 
 DPAM INVEST B Bonds Eur E Distribution0P0000.57.020+0.09%573.92M06/12 
 DPAM INVEST B Bonds Eur F Capitalisation0P0000.93.130+0.08%573.92M06/12 
 BNPP B Control Quam Dynamic Bonds AccLP6823.105.700+0.05%141.11M03/12 
 BNPP B Control Quam Dynamic Bonds IncLP6823.98.170+0.04%141.11M03/12 
 Amonis Corporate Bonds Euro - InstitutionalLP6806.4,520.180+0.17%51.53M03/12 
 ING B Collect Portfolio - Beta - capitalisation0P0000.106,1480.00%50.63M14/01 
 ING B Collect Portfolio - Beta - distribution0P0000.45,694.2700.00%50.63M14/01 
 DPAM INVEST B Bonds Eur IG B Capitalisation0P0000.73.860+0.11%54.69M06/12 
 DPAM INVEST B Bonds Eur IG F Capitalisation0P0000.76.070+0.11%54.69M06/12 
 BNP Paribas B Institutional II Diversified Bonds ILP6825.1,275.810+0.11%37.36M03/12 
 Candriam Sustainable Euro Corporate Bonds I Inc0P0000.486.020-0.11%36.49M29/03 
 BNP Paribas B Invest Bond Euro C0P0000.491.950+0.02%26.95M05/11 
 BNP Paribas B Invest Bond Euro D0P0000.216.890+0.02%26.95M05/11 
 BNP Paribas B Invest Bond Euro I0P0000.5,095.090+0.02%26.95M05/11 
 BNP Paribas B Invest Bond Belgium C0P0000.6,524.830-0.08%24.82M05/11 
 BNP Paribas B Invest Bond Belgium D0P0000.2,662.770-0.08%24.82M05/11 
 BNP Paribas B Invest Bond Belgium I0P0000.6,644.040-0.08%24.72M05/11 
 AXA B Fund Bonds Eurozone Acc0P0000.68.2600.00%17.88M27/11 

Bermuda - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Butterfield USD BondLP6000.10.911+0.38%124.33M01/12 
 Butterfield US Bond B0P0000.11.139+0.39%124.33M01/12 
 LOM Fixed Income Fund USD0P0000.17.343+0.30%107.55M03/12 
 HSBC Short Duration Fixed Income Fund Class CC0P0001.111.790+0.06%97.86M03/12 
 Butterfield Select Fixed IncomeLP6008.23.120-0.60%49.37M25/11 
 Global Voyager Global Fixed Income0P0000.27.601-0.34%11.87M24/11 

Brazil - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime

Canada - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 PIMCO Monthly Income O0P0000.13.865+0.04%24.89B06/12 
 PIMCO Monthly Income F0P0000.13.865+0.04%24.89B06/12 
 PIMCO Monthly Income M0P0000.13.865+0.04%24.89B06/12 
 PIMCO Monthly Income A0P0000.13.865+0.04%24.89B06/12 
 RBC Bond Sr A0P0000.6.780-0.41%24.37B06/12 
 RBC Bond Sr D0P0000.6.829-0.41%24.37B06/12 
 RBC Bond Sr F0P0000.7.004-0.40%24.37B06/12 
 RBC Bond Adv0P0000.6.935-0.41%24.37B06/12 
 PIMCO Monthly Income A USD Hedged0P0000.9.949+0.04%24.89B06/12 
 PIMCO Monthly Income O USD Hedged0P0000.9.949+0.04%24.89B06/12 
 PIMCO Monthly Income F USD Hedged0P0000.9.949+0.04%24.89B06/12 
 PIMCO Monthly Income M USD Hedged0P0000.9.949+0.04%24.89B06/12 
 RBC Select Very Conservative Portfolio Series F0P0000.13.9920%18.24B06/12 
 RBC Select Very Conservative Portfolio Series F0P0001.10.965+0.60%18.24B06/12 
 TD Canadian Bond - F0P0000.12.550-0.40%14.39B06/12 
 TD Canadian Bond Fund - Premium F series0P0001.10.680-0.37%14.39B06/12 
 TD Canadian Core Plus Bond - F0P0000.12.040-0.33%13.5B06/12 
 TD Canadian Core Plus Bond Fund - Premium F series0P0001.10.630-0.37%13.5B06/12 
 Manulife Strategic Income Fund Series FT60P0000.12.725+0.13%11.92B06/12 
 Manulife Strategic Income Fund Series F0P0000.12.277+0.13%11.92B06/12 

Cayman Islands - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Invesco SR Global Bond SA0P0000.271.120-0.00%118.24M06/12 
 Invesco SR Global Bond GP0P0000.308.2400%118.24M06/12 
 Arava Fund ALP6810.148.490-0.09%85.33M29/11 
 SMBC Nikko Premium Funds - Glbl Corporate Bond Cla0P0000.13.080-0.08%14.65M03/12 
 Eaton Vance International Cayman Islands Emerging LP6805.3.830+0.26%4.33M06/12 
 Eaton Vance International Cayman Islands Emerging LP6805.3.9100.00%424.98K06/12 
 LOM Euro Fixed Income Fund B Acc0P0000.12.815+0.33%964.26K03/12 
 Eaton Vance International Cayman Islands Emerging LP6805.11.380+0.09%716.68K06/12 
 Eaton Vance International Cayman Islands Emerging LP6805.10.600+0.09%160.15K06/12 

Chile - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Fondo Mutuo Santander Renta Selecta Chile PATRI0P0001.1,372.581+0.11%434.36B06/12 
 Fondo Mutuo Santander Renta Selecta Chile APV0P0000.1,733.250+0.11%434.36B06/12 
 Fondo Mutuo Santander Renta Selecta Chile GLOBA0P0000.1,681.232+0.11%434.36B06/12 
 Fondo Mutuo Proteccion BancoEstado I0P0000.1,340.821+0.02%514.19B05/12 
 Fondo Mutuo Santander Renta Largo Plazo UF EJECU0P0000.4,548.755+0.09%376.65B06/12 
 Fondo Mutuo Santander Renta Largo Plazo UF APV0P0000.4,527.202+0.09%376.65B06/12 
 Fondo Mutuo Compromiso BancoEstado A0P0000.2,100.519+0.04%309.34B05/12 
 Fondo Mutuo Compromiso BancoEstado I0P0000.1,462.485+0.04%309.34B05/12 
 Fondo Mutuo Deposito XXI B0P0000.2,741.734+0.04%294.61B05/12 
 Fondo Mutuo Santander Renta Mediano Plazo APV0P0000.2,169.518+0.03%263.26B06/12 
 Fondo Mutuo BICE Extra D0P0000.1,584.254+0.09%315.81B06/12 
 Fondo Mutuo BICE Extra G0P0000.1,466.861+0.10%315.81B06/12 
 Fondo Mutuo Utilidades B0P0000.2,936.996+0.04%211.09B05/12 
 Fondo Mutuo BCI de Personas ALPAT0P0000.1,468.060+0.04%268.38B05/12 
 Fondo Mutuo BCI de Personas APV0P0000.6,748.880+0.04%268.38B05/12 
 Fondo Mutuo BCI de Personas BPRIV0P0000.1,472.086+0.04%268.38B05/12 
 Fondo Mutuo BCI de Personas FAMIL0P0000.1,380.814+0.04%268.38B05/12 
 Fondo Mutuo Santander Bonos Nacionales APV0P0000.1,919.467+0.12%225.14B06/12 
 Fondo Mutuo LarrainVial Ahorro Capital APV0P0000.2,149.661+0.05%207.2B05/12 
 Fondo Mutuo LarrainVial Ahorro Capital F0P0000.1,506.538+0.05%207.2B05/12 

China - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 TianHong Income Box Money Market Fund0001981.0000%764.58B14:00:00 
 E Fund E Wealth Management Fund0003591.0000%242.91B14:00:00 
 Hwabao WP Listed MMKt B0018931.0000%192.9B14:00:00 
 Hwabao WP Listed MMKt A511990100.0000%192.9B14:00:00 
 China Universal Total Amount Treasure Fund0003971.0000%175.92B14:00:00 
 E Fund Cash Enhance Income MMkt Fd A0006201.0000%174.61B14:00:00 
 E Fund Cash Enhance Income MMkt Fd B0006211.0000%174.61B14:00:00 
 HuaAn Liquidity Money Market Fund A0400381.0000%168.41B14:00:00 
 HuaAn Liquidity Money Market Fund B0400391.0000%168.41B14:00:00 
 HuaAn Liquidity Money Market Fund H511600100.0000%168.41B14:00:00 
 Bosera Cash Income Fd A0500031.0000%168.31B14:00:00 
 Bosera Cash Income Fd B0006651.0000%168.31B14:00:00 
 Fullgoal Wallet Full Money Market Fund0006381.0000%159.23B14:00:00 
 China Southern Cash Express Money Market Fund E0007191.0000%152.28B14:00:00 
 China Southern Cash Express Money Market Fund A0004931.0000%152.28B14:00:00 
 China Southern Cash Express Money Market Fund B0004941.0000%152.28B14:00:00 
 China Southern Cash Express Money Market Fund C0004951.0000%152.28B14:00:00 
 ChinaAMC Fortune Money Market Fund A0003431.0000%143.95B14:00:00 
 GF Huo Qi Bao Money Market Fd A0007481.0000%140.52B14:00:00 
 GF Huo Qi Bao Money Market Fd B0032811.0000%140.52B14:00:00 

Denmark - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Nordea Invest Portefølje Lange obligationer0P0000.105.120+0.24%17.51B06/12 
 Danske Invest Engros Flexinvest Danske Obligatione0P0000.99.930+0.16%15.79B06/12 
 Nykredit Invest Engros Korte Obligationer0P0001.1,020.100+0.13%13.46B06/12 
 Nordea Invest Mellemlange Obligationer0P0000.161.110+0.17%12.04B06/12 
 Nykredit Invest Lange obligationerNYILOA181.350+0.02%9.43B07:00:00 
 Nordea Invest Portefølje Verdens Obligationsmarked0P0000.136.930+0.19%11.44B06/12 
 Danske Invest Engros Flexinvest Korte Obligationer0P0000.100.960+0.13%11.39B06/12 
 BankInvest Lange Danske Obligationer KL0P0000.94.920+0.17%1.73B06/12 
 Nordea 1 - European Financial Debt Fund BI DKK0P0000.1,464.880+0.02%1.29B06/12 
 Danske Invest Engros Flexinvest Udenlandske Obliga0P0000.103.480+0.15%8.52B06/12 
 Nykredit Invest Lange Obligationer Long-Term Bonds0P0000.99.630+0.10%9.09B14:00:00 
 Danske Invest Globala Realräntor SEK h0P0000.152.660+0.14%8.75B06/12 
 BlackRock Global Funds - World Bond Fund X2 DKK0P0000.124.560+0.03%615.33Array03/12 
 BankInvest Korte Danske Obligationer KL0P0000.89.310+0.03%1.15B06/12 
 Danske Invest Global Realrente Obligasjon NOK h0P0000.149.240+0.16%7.62B06/12 
 Danske Invest Globale Lange Indeksobligationer DKK0P0000.179.850+0.30%417.61M06/12 
 Danske Invest Engros Danske Obligationer Absolut K0P0000.103.310+0.20%6.94B06/12 
 Sparinvest Mellemlange Obligationer KL A0P0000.105.200+0.16%6.13B06/12 
 BankInvest Virksomhedsobligationer HY A0P0000.110.960-0.07%5.95B06/12 
 Nykredit Invest Engros Lange Obligationer0P0000.922.930+0.24%6.31B06/12 

Finland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Evli Euro Liquidity B SEK0P0000.1,067.167-0.01%22.61B03/12 
 Evli Short Corporate Bond B SEK0P0000.1,186.939+0.05%17.03B03/12 
 Evli Nordic Corporate Bond B SEK0P0000.1,213.305+0.03%13.09B03/12 
 Evli European High Yield B SEK0P0000.1,671.313+0.13%8.14B03/12 
 Evli European High Yield B NOK0P0001.1,256.329+0.14%8.02B03/12 
 Nordea Norsk Kredittobligasjon0P0001.1,221.195-0.11%4.12B03/12 
 Nordea Norsk Kredittobligasjon I0P0001.1,249.402-0.11%4.06B03/12 
 Nordea SEK Instituutiokorko K EUR0P0000.117.832-0.94%3.73B03/12 
 Nordea SEK Instituutiokorko T EUR0P0000.111.051-0.94%3.69B03/12 
 Ålandsbanken Euro Bond SEK0P0001.319.620+0.02%3.36B03/12 
 Evli European Investment Grade B SEK0P0000.1,317.241+0.10%3.11B03/12 
 Nordea Corporate Bond I Kasvu0P0000.2.439-0.03%2.48B03/12 
 Nordea Corporate Bond IDH K EUR0P0001.10.491+0.02%2.48B03/12 
 Nordea Corporate Bond A Kasvu0P0000.2.371-0.03%2.48B03/12 
 Nordea Corporate Bond I Tuotto0P0000.0.941-0.03%2.48B03/12 
 Nordea Korko I K EUR0P0000.10.529-0.00%2.35B03/12 
 Nordea Korko S T EUR0P0000.10.2190%2.35B03/12 
 Nordea Korko A T EUR0P0000.9.811-0.00%2.35B03/12 
 Nordea Korko A K EUR0P0000.10.370-0.00%2.35B03/12 
 Evli Emerging Markets Credit B SEK0P0000.1,229.529+0.02%2.31B03/12 

France - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Groupama Trésorerie M0P0000.1,028.160-0.00%271.61M06/12 
 Carmignac Sécurité A EUR Acc0P0000.1,798.160-0.03%8.03B06/12 
 Carmignac Sécurité A EUR Ydis0P0000.99.750-0.03%8.03B06/12 
 Lazard Convertible Global K0P0001.2,296.060+0.27%5.7B06/12 
 Lazard Convertible Global A0P0000.1,950.100+0.27%5.7B06/12 
 Lazard Convertible Global R0P0000.541.460+0.26%5.7B06/12 
 Lazard Convertible Global PC H-EUR0P0001.2,187.070+0.21%5.84B06/12 
 Groupama Entreprises IC0P0000.2,253.460-0.00%5.16B06/12 
 Groupama Entreprises N0P0000.555.520-0.00%5.16B06/12 
 Amundi 12 M E0P0000.10,394.690+0.03%4.03B06/12 
 Amundi 12 M I0P0000.106,516+0.03%4.03B06/12 
 H2O Multibonds IUSD0P0000.40,252.262-0.83%3.93B30/10 
 H2O Multibonds SREUR(C)0P0001.21.500-0.32%3.43B30/10 
 Ofi RS Liquidités C/D0P0000.4,325.670-0.00%2.48B06/12 
 Swiss Life Funds F Bond Cash Equivalent I0P0000.10,610.250+0.00%2.24B06/12 
 CPR Oblig 12 Mois I0P0000.105,815+0.02%2.05B06/12 
 CPR Oblig 12 Mois P0P0000.226.990+0.03%2.05B06/12 
 H2O Multibonds RC0P0001.346.290+1.56%1.88B06/12 
 Impact ES Oblig Euro I0P0000.13,021.027+0.19%1.84B06/12 
 BFT Crédit 12 Mois ISR IC0P0000.264,688+0.02%1.58B06/12 

Germany - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 UniInstitutional Euro Reserve Plus0P0001.99.710+0.01%4.89B06/12 
 Wellington Opportunistic Emerging Markets Debt Fun0P0000.18.990-0.01%2.47B06/12 
 Wellington Opportunistic Emerging Markets Debt Fun0P0000.10.034-0.18%2.47B04/02 
 Allianz Rentenfonds P2 EUR0P0001.99.610+0.10%1.47B06/12 
 Allianz Rentenfonds A EUR0P0000.88.130+0.09%1.47B06/12 
 Allianz Rentenfonds IT2 EUR0P0001.1,052.110+0.10%1.47B06/12 
 Allianz Rentenfonds P EUR0P0000.1,231.570+0.10%1.46B06/12 
 SEB High Yield Fund B0P0000.35.381+0.03%15.07M02/12 
 UniInstitutional Global Corporate Bonds0P0000.56.350-0.11%1.31B06/12 
 UniInstitutional Premium Corporate Bonds0P0000.62.770+0.16%1.22B03/12 
 Allianz Euro Rentenfonds P EUR0P0000.1,248.010+0.13%1.19B06/12 
 Allianz Euro Rentenfonds A EUR0P0000.62.910+0.02%1.19B14:00:00 
 Allianz Euro Rentenfonds - AT - EUR0P0001.110.480+0.13%1.19B06/12 
 Wellington Global High Yield Bond Fund S EUR Accum0P0000.14.868+0.67%842.12M06/12 
 Acatis IfK Value Renten UI C0P0001.38.020+0.16%872.05M06/12 
 UniInstitutional Premium Corporate Bonds FK0P0000.112.560+0.15%985.49M03/12 
 ACATIS IfK Value Renten UI B0P0000.100.920+0.14%872.05M06/12 
 ACATIS IfK Value Renten UI A0P0000.45.980+0.15%872.05M06/12 
 Deka-VarioInvest TF0P0000.64.920+0.03%912.21M06/12 

Greece - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 DELOS Eurobond - Foreign Bond Fund ALP6004.8.2700%94.69M06/12 
 Eurobank Global Bond Foreign Bond FundLP6806.4.483-0.08%95.11M06/12 
 Interamerican Foreign Money Market Fund AccLP6004.10.162-0.00%33.09M06/12 
 ALPHA Money Market Fund0P0000.13.963-0.01%39.35M06/12 
 DELOS USDBond - Foreign Bond Fund ALP6004.7.756-0.28%20.59M06/12 
 3K European Short-Term Money Market Fund (Retail S0P0001.5.786-0.03%6.82M06/12 

Hong Kong - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0000.10.190+0.20%64.08B06/12 
 Fidelity Funds - US High Yield Fund A-MINCOME-HKD0P0000.11.070+0.18%163.7M06/12 
 Templeton Global Total Return Fund A acc HKD0P0000.12.690+0.16%35.89B06/12 
 Templeton Global Total Return Fund A Mdis HKD0P0000.6.490+0.15%35.89B06/12 
 Fidelity Funds - Asian High Yield Fund A-MDIST-HKD0P0000.7.429-0.05%1.15B06/12 
 AB FCP I - American Income Portfolio A2 Acc0P0000.252.350-0.03%22.88B06/12 
 AB FCP I - American Income Portfolio AT Inc0P0000.61.600-0.03%22.88B06/12 
 Pictet-Global Emerging Debt P dm HKD0P0000.1,177.050-0.49%4.06B06/12 
 JPMorgan Funds - Emerging Markets Debt Fund A mth 0P0000.8.610+0.23%2.66B06/12 
 HSBC Investment Funds Trust - HSBC Asian Bond Fund0P0001.9.750+0.17%19.86B06/12 
 JPMorgan Asian Total Return Bond (PRC) (acc) - RMB96800013.270+0.08%16.48B06/12 
 HSBC Global Investment Funds - Global High Yield B0P0000.9.475+0.17%1.81B03/12 
 Franklin Global Convertible Securities Fund A acc 0P0000.23.150+0.56%12.76B06/12 
 BlackRock Global Funds - Emerging Markets Bond Fun0P0000.61.180+0.41%200.51M03/12 
 BOC-P Global Bond Provident0P0000.24.143+0.08%9.14B06/12 
 BEA Union Investment Global Bond ALP6501.135.420-0.03%6.98B06/12 
 JPMorgan Global Bond Fund (PRC) - RMB Accumulation96805011.590+0.09%6.98B06/12 
 JPMorgan Global Bond Fund (PRC) (mth) - RMB Income9680539.5400%6.98B06/12 
 JPMorgan Global Bond Fund (PRC) - RMB Accumulation96805210.4900%6.98B06/12 
 JPMorgan Global Bond Fund (PRC) (mth) - RMB Income96805110.050+0.20%6.98B06/12 

Hungary - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 NN L Emerging Markets Debt Hard Currency - X Cap H0P0000.116,216+0.11%6.52B06/12 
 ESPA Bond International VTLP6007.26.450-0.15%30.65M14:00:00 

India - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Direct Plan 0P0000.106.101+0.06%317.3B06/12 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Direct Plan 0P0000.434.209+0.06%317.3B06/12 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Retail Plan 0P0000.100.119-0.25%317.3B24/04 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Direct Plan 0P0000.105.517+0.06%317.3B06/12 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Bonus0P0001.154.945-0.25%317.3B24/04 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Retail Plan 0P0000.100.956-0.25%317.3B24/04 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Dividend Pay0P0001.157.710+0.06%317.3B06/12 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Daily Divide0P0000.105.736+0.05%317.3B06/12 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Weekly Divid0P0000.105.466+0.06%317.3B06/12 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan GrowthLP6250.430.057+0.06%317.3B06/12 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Fortnightly 0P0000.101.681+0.06%317.3B06/12 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Direct Plan 0P0000.105.736+0.05%317.3B06/12 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Retail Plan 0P0000.220.008-0.25%317.3B24/04 
 ICICI Prudential Savings Fund Direct Plan Fortnigh0P0000.101.683+0.06%317.3B06/12 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Monthly Divi0P0000.101.663+0.06%317.3B06/12 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Direct Plan 0P0000.101.665+0.06%317.3B06/12 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Direct Plan 0P0000.159.226+0.06%317.3B06/12 
 ICICI Prudential Flexible Income Plan Quarterly Di0P0000.105.919+0.06%317.3B06/12 
 HDFC Medium Term Opportunities Fund -Direct Plan Q0P0000.10.432+0.09%288.07B06/12 
 HDFC Medium Term Opportunities Growth0P0000.25.921+0.09%288.07B06/12 

Indonesia - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Schroder Dana Mantap Plus II AccSDMP22,946.490+0.10%2,170B14:00:00 
 Manulife Dana Tetap Utama0P0001.2,120.040-0.08%1,976.26B14:00:00 
 Makara Abadi0P0000.5,888.940-0.01%1,489.16B14:00:00 
 Ashmore Dana Obligasi NusantaraADON1,586.110+0.11%1,116.21B14:00:00 
 Pendapatan Tetap Utama0P0000.2,561.390+0.05%383.07B14:00:00 
 TRIM Dana Tetap 2LP6510.2,781.380+0.01%278.98B14:00:00 
 Schroder Dana Obligasi Mantap0P0000.1,910.530-0.09%254.12B06/12 
 Batavia Dana Obligasi Plus0P0000.1,762.030+0.04%147.32B14:00:00 
 MNC Dana Lancar0P0000.1,647.037+0.01%121.77B14:00:00 
 Danareksa Melati Pendapatan Utama0P0000.1,704.128+0.06%101.26B14:00:00 
 CIMB-Principal Bond0P0000.37,942.880-0.05%93.61B14:00:00 
 Pendapatan Tetap Abadi 20P0000.2,731.410+0.14%89.63B14:00:00 
 Mandiri Investa Dana Syariah0P0000.3,978.110-0.01%77.26B14:00:00 
 MNC Dana LikuidLP6503.2,677.352-0.07%43.84B14:00:00 
 Mega Asset Mantap Plus0P0001.1,332.821+0.02%30.67B04/12 
 MNC Dana Syariah0P0000.2,924.971-0.11%30.13B14:00:00 
 BNP Paribas Prima USD0P0000.1.341-0.12%124.16M14:00:00 
 Danareksa Melati Premium Dollar0P0000.1.419+0.35%53.82M29/10 
 TRAM Pendapatan Tetap USDLP6812.1.342-0.07%1M14:00:00 
 MNC Dana DollarLP6812.1.482+0.47%399.11K06/12 

Ireland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Mercer Global High Yield Bond Fund M1 JPY Hedged0P0001.12,342.590+0.25%478.81B06/12 
 Mercer Global High Yield Bond Fund A1-H-0.0200 JPY0P0001.11,454.110+0.25%478.81B06/12 
 Mercer Short Duration Global Bond Fund 1 M-5 JPY H0P0001.10,675.250+0.01%189.07B06/12 
 Mercer QIF Fund plc - KKR Multi-Asset Credit A7-H-0P0001.12,513.060+0.05%162.18B29/10 
 Mercer Global Buy & Maintain Credit Fund A1 0.02000P0001.10,831.090-0.25%154.57B06/12 
 Mercer Global Buy & Maintain Credit Fund M-5 JPY H0P0001.11,578.410-0.25%154.57B06/12 
 Neuberger Berman US Strategic Income Fund I JPY Ac0P0000.1,578.420+0.42%1.43B06/12 
 PIMCO GIS Income Fund E Class AUD (Hedged) Income0P0001.9.670+0.10%64.08B06/12 
 PIMCO GIS Income Fund E Class SGD (Hedged) Income0P0000.9.940+0.10%64.08B06/12 
 Mercer Short Duration Global Bond Fund 2 M-5 JPY H0P0001.10,160.390-0.01%79.16B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0000.10.570+0.19%64.08B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0000.11.310+0.09%64.08B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0000.15.610+0.13%64.08B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0000.10.840+0.18%64.08B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0000.16.910+0.06%64.08B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0000.11.930+0.17%64.08B06/12 
 PIMCO GIS Income Fund T Class EUR (Hedged) Income0P0001.8.350+0.12%64.08B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0000.9.380+0.11%64.08B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0000.14.930+0.13%64.08B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0000.10.320+0.10%64.08B06/12 

Israel - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Altshuler Shaham 90/100P0000.160.470+0.19%3.01B06/12 
 Diamond Bonds without Stocks0P0001.118.860+0.05%2.29B05/12 
 Meitav MMkt for Ascending Interest0P0001.1,012.0600.00%2.29B25/11 
 More 90/100P0001.127.300-0.05%2.26B05/12 
 ISP Asset Management 10/900P0001.128.510+0.09%2.13B05/12 
 Meitav Bonds + 10%0P0001.123.680+0.03%2.1B05/12 
 Migdal ILS Money Market Fund0P0000.143.4000%1.87B06/12 
 I.B.I Government Plus A and Above0P0001.113.670+0.04%1.66B05/12 
 Yelin Lapidot 90/10LP6812.146.600+0.19%1.57B06/12 
 Altshuler Shaham Corp Bond no Stk!0P0000.207.150-0.20%1.41B02/12 
 Forte Bonds Without Stocks0P0001.112.850+0.02%1.4B05/12 
 Excellence CPI-Linked Medium Term Bd0P0001.109.40%1.38B05/12 
 More Managed Government Bonds + 10%LP6825.121.080-0.03%1.34B05/12 
 Altshuler Shaham Glbl Bds Protctd Forex!0P0001.115.360-0.13%1.3B02/12 
 Yelin Lapidot 90\10 Growth !0P0001.128.390-0.04%1.29B05/12 
 Alumot 90/10 Conservative0P0000.284.940+0.19%1.25B06/12 
 Altshuler Shaham Bond Portfolio no Stk!0P0000.643.290-0.14%1.22B02/12 
 Harel Shekel Money Market0P0001.100.7100%1.18B05/12 
 Yelin Lapidot A and Above upto 4 Years0P0001.116.860+0.03%1.18B05/12 
 Altshuler Shaham Tel Bond0P0000.192.880+0.17%1.16B06/12 

Italy - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 AXA IM Fixed Income Investment Strategies - US Sho0P0000.181.590+0.17%4.74B06/12 
 Fidelity Funds Euro Short Term Bond Fund D Acc E0P0001.10.153+0.04%19.97M03/12 
 Arca RR Diversified Bond0P0000.11.933+0.11%3.36B03/12 
 Amundi Funds - Bond Global Emerging Blended SE-C0P0001.107.760+0.33%3.07B06/12 
 Mediolanum BB Euro Fixed Income L A0P0000.6.036+0.05%2.89B03/12 
 Anima Liquidità Euro A0P0000.6.7620.00%2.73B11/04 
 Anima Liquidità Euro F0P0000.6.8850.00%2.73B09/04 
 Anima Liquiditֳ  Euro AM0P0001.48.8690%2.63B03/12 
 Cometa Monetario Plus0P0000.14.5350.00%2.52B30/06 
 Mediolanum Best Brands Global High Yield SH-B Inc0P0000.8.197+0.10%2.33B03/12 
 Mediolanum Flessibile Obbligazionario Globale L0P0000.8.073+0.17%2.15B03/12 
 Mediolanum Flessibile Obbligazionario Globale LA0P0001.9.544+0.17%2.15B03/12 
 Mediolanum Flessibile Obbligazionario Globale ILP6834.10.413+0.17%2.15B03/12 
 GAM Star Fund plc - GAM Star Credit Opportunities 0P0000.12.220+0.07%1.83B06/12 
 Anima Risparmio A0P0001.7.662+0.05%1.53B03/12 
 Anima Risparmio H0P0001.7.730+0.04%1.53B03/12 
 Anima Risparmio AD0P0000.6.929+0.04%1.53B03/12 
 Anima Risparmio F0P0000.7.854+0.04%1.53B03/12 
 Amundi Elite Income Bond B0P0001.4.945+0.22%1.51B06/12 
 AcomeA Breve Termine A10P0000.16.266-0.14%1.48B03/12 

Japan - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Daiwa Fund Wrap Japan Bond Select0P0000.11,899.000+0.07%567.72B14:00:00 
 Fidelity US High Yield Fund0P0000.3,061.000+0.66%483.88B14:00:00 
 MUKAM Global Sovereign Open Dividend 1 Month0P0000.4,999.000+0.18%349.69B14:00:00 
 Nomura PIMCO World Income Strategy Fund A Hedged D0P0001.11,173.000+0.13%236.09B14:00:00 
 Nomura Japan Bond Index Managed Account0P0000.10,223.000-0.12%221.18B14:00:00 
 DaiwaSB/SMBC Japan Bond0P0000.11,660.000+0.04%202.94B14:00:00 
 Nomura Foreign Bond Index B Managed Account0P0000.9,528.000+0.16%188.91B14:00:00 
 Daiwa Fund Wrap Foreign Bond Select0P0000.13,579.000+0.21%169.71B14:00:00 
 Daiwa High Grade Oceania Bond Open Dividend 1 Mont0P0000.4,824.000+0.82%165.09B14:00:00 
 Daiwa DC Foreign Bond Index0P0000.20,564.000+0.17%155.8B14:00:00 
 Daiwa Japan Government Bond Fund Dividend 1 Month0P0000.8,868.000-0.11%150.9B14:00:00 
 SMTAM DC Japan Bond Index Open S0P0000.12,605.000-0.13%131.61B14:00:00 
 SMTAM Domestic Bond SMTB Selection SMA0P0000.11,039.000-0.06%130.13B14:00:00 
 Nomura Fund Wrap Bond Premium0P0001.10,085.000+0.32%126.53B14:00:00 
 SMDS Short Term Australian Dollar Bond Open Divide0P0000.3,397.000+0.59%122.26B14:00:00 
 MUKAM MUFJ DC Domestic Bond Index Fund0P0000.13,139.000-0.12%120.8B14:00:00 
 UBS World Public Infra Bond Fund Currency Select J0P0000.8,905.000+0.75%115.82B14:00:00 
 AMOne DIAM High Grade Income Open Dividend 1 Month0P0000.6,997.000+0.76%110.83B14:00:00 
 MUKAM MUFJ Global Bond Open Dividend 1 Month0P0000.6,204.000+0.71%110.31B14:00:00 
 Daiwa Global Bond Fund Dividend 1 Month0P0000.6,427.000+0.58%106.01B14:00:00 

Latvia - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 ABLV Emerging Markets USD BondLP6510.18.912+0.17%34.43M03/12 
 ABLV Emerging Markets EUR BondLP6510.16.825+0.13%15.88M03/12 
 INVL Emerging Europe Bond0P0000.43.396+0.11%9.96M06/12 

Liechtenstein - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 HAM Global Convertible Bond Fund CHF-A Acc0P0000.1,973.900-1.60%956.4M01/12 
 HAM Global Convertible Bond Fund EUR-A Acc0P0000.2,439.230-1.65%904.45M01/12 
 Solitaire Global Bond Fund USD0P0001.161.610+0.11%411.17M03/12 
 LGT Select Bond High Yield (USD) IM0P0000.2,628.680+0.18%401.38M06/12 
 LLB Wandelanleihen H EUR0P0000.134.760+0.29%293.58M06/12 
 LLB Wandelanleihen LLB Acc0P0000.155.840+0.29%293.58M06/12 
 LGT Sustainable Bond Fund Global USD I10P0000.1,195.780-0.13%116.64M06/12 
 LGT Sustainable Bond Fund Global EUR l10P0000.1,556.910-0.05%116.64M06/12 
 LGT Sustainable Bond Fund Global EUR IM0P0000.1,848.270-0.05%116.64M06/12 
 Chameleon Convertible Bond Fonds Glb-EUR-P-0P0000.203.610-0.45%136.67M03/12 
 LGT Bond Fund EMMA LC (EUR) IM0P0000.1,424.650+0.37%94.21M06/12 
 MAP Debt Fund USD0P0000.130.810+0.06%7.68M03/12 

Lithuania - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 CBL Eastern European Bond R Acc USD0P0000.27.8900%57.39M06/12 
 ABLV European Corporate EUR Bond0P0000.12.105+0.04%9.84M03/12 

Luxembourg - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 AB FCP I American Income Portfolio IT JPY H Inc0P0000.8,330.000-0.08%22.88B06/12 
 AB FCP I - American Income Portfolio IT JPY Inc0P0000.9,998.000+0.54%22.88B06/12 
 Templeton Global Bond Fund N(acc)HUF0P0000.156.800+0.84%1,658.09B06/12 
 Fidelity Funds US High Yield Fund A Acc HUF (hed0P0001.4,013.000+0.20%4.59B03/12 
 Templeton Global Total Return Fund N(acc)HUF0P0000.160.890+0.78%1,434.82B06/12 
 NN (L) Global High Yield X Cap HUF0P0000.114,746+0.44%2.86B06/12 
 Templeton Global Bond Fund I Mdis JPY0P0000.958.160+0.79%607.95B06/12 
 Templeton Global Total Return Fund I Mdis JPY0P0000.825.680+0.74%526.09B06/12 
 AB FCP I American Income Portfolio BA ZAR H Inc0P0001.76.130-0.08%22.88B06/12 
 AB FCP I American Income Portfolio AA ZAR H Inc0P0001.80.250-0.09%22.88B06/12 
 Fidelity Funds Euro Corporate Bond Fund A Acc HU0P0001.3,702.000+0.08%599.27M03/12 
 JPMorgan Funds - Global Strategic Bond Fund I (per0P0000.11,256.000+0.04%186.25B03/12 
 Pictet-Emerging Corporate Bonds I JPY0P0001.16,147.000+0.37%1.37B03/12 
 UBS (Lux) Emerging Economies Fund Global Bonds (0P0000.0.0220.00%781.19M04/02 
 AB FCP I Global High Yield Portfolio AT CNH H In0P0000.81.610+0.15%19.51B06/12 
 Ashmore SICAV Emerging Markets Debt Fund Instituti0P0001.12,101.320+0.09%991.83M06/12 
 AB FCP I Global High Yield Portfolio IT CNH H In0P0001.77.910+0.14%19.51B06/12 
 AB FCP I Global High Yield Portfolio AA CNH H In0P0001.66.300+0.15%19.51B06/12 
 BlueBay Funds BlueBay Investment Grade Global Ag0P0001.12,106.000+0.17%1.04B06/12 
 UBS (Lux) Bond SICAV Short Duration High Yield (0P0000.0.0220.00%984.24M04/02 

Malaysia - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Affin Hwang Aiiman Money Market Fund0P0000.0.5380%18.63B06/12 
 Principal Islamic Deposit Fund0P0000.1.0000%3.25B14:00:00 
 RHB Cash Management Fund 10P0000.1.0000%2.85B14:00:00 
 Affin Hwang Select Cash Fund0P0000.1.0570%2.35B06/12 
 Eastspring Investments Islamic Income Fund0P0000.0.5190%2.11B14:00:00 
 RHB-OSK Islamic Cash Management Fund0P0000.1.0000%1.94B14:00:00 
 Public Bond Fund0P0000.0.9330%1.62B06/12 
 Principal Islamic Money Market Fund0P0000.1.0680%1.47B14:00:00 
 Pacific Cash Fund0P0000.0.5210%1.17B06/12 
 PB Islamic Bond Fund0P0000.1.113-0.01%1.13B14:00:00 
 PB Fixed Income Fund0P0000.1.0720%884.24M06/12 
 Public Islamic Bond Fund0P0000.0.946-0.01%804.03M14:00:00 
 Affin Hwang Enhanced Deposit Fund0P0000.1.1720%801.06M06/12 
 Principal Islamic Lifetime Sukuk Fund0P0000.1.290-0.01%663.43M14:00:00 
 Libra AsnitaBond Fund0P0000.0.6390%364.24M14:00:00 
 RHB-OSK Cash Management Fund 20P0000.1.4650%340.8M14:00:00 
 Libra MoneyExtra Fund0P0000.0.5700.00%327.27M14:00:00 
 Eastspring Investments Bond Fund0P0000.0.6690%290.48M14:00:00 
 RHB Islamic Bond Fund0P0000.1.1280%211.1M14:00:00 
 Libra Dana Safa Fund0P0000.0.5390%180.1M14:00:00 

Malta - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 SphereInvest Global Credit Strategies Fund Class C0P0001.154.885+0.66%168.87M12/11 
 SphereInvest Global Credit Strategies Fund Class F0P0001.173.103+0.67%168.87M12/11 
 APS Diversified Bond Fund Class A EUR Accumulator 0P0001.1.116-0.08%51.35M30/11 
 APS Diversified Bond Fund Class B EUR Distributor 0P0001.0.987-0.08%51.35M30/11 

Mexico - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 BLK Liquidez Gubernamental México - Muy Corto Plaz0P0001.2.4310%185.33B03/12 
 BLK Liquidez Gubernamental México - Muy Corto Plaz0P0000.2.5260%185.33B06/12 
 BLK Liquidez Gubernamental México - Muy Corto Plaz0P0001.2.4760%185.33B03/12 
 BLK Liquidez Gubernamental México - Muy Corto Plaz0P0001.2.6210%185.33B03/12 
 Inversion Horizonte SA de CV S.I.I.D. B0-C0P0000.2.2650%185.33B06/12 
 BLK Liquidez Gubernamental México - Muy Corto Plaz0P0000.2.5330%185.33B06/12 
 BLK Liquidez Gubernamental México - Muy Corto Plaz0P0001.2.3760%185.33B03/12 
 BLK Liquidez Gubernamental México - Muy Corto Plaz0P0000.2.4400%185.33B06/12 
 Inversion Horizonte SA de CV S.I.I.D. B0-A0P0000.2.4680%185.33B06/12 
 BLK Liquidez Gubernamental México - Muy Corto Plaz0P0001.2.5010%185.33B03/12 
 Inversion Horizonte SA de CV S.I.I.D. B0-B0P0000.2.3790%185.33B06/12 
 BLK Liquidez Gubernamental México - Muy Corto Plaz0P0000.2.777+0.04%185.33B06/12 
 BLK Liquidez Gubernamental México - Muy Corto Plaz0P0000.2.3790%185.33B06/12 
 BLK Liquidez Gubernamental México - Muy Corto Plaz0P0000.2.619+0.04%185.33B06/12 
 BLK Liquidez Gubernamental México - Muy Corto Plaz0P0000.2.4920%181.62B06/12 
 Fondo Deuda CP 1 SA de CV S.I.I.D. B0P0000.15.567+0.02%162.02B06/12 
 Fondo Deuda CP 1 SA de CV S.I.I.D. C0P0000.15.838+0.01%162.02B03/12 
 Fondo Deuda CP 1 SA de CV S.I.I.D. GB0P0001.12.083+0.01%162.02B03/12 
 Fondo Deuda CP 1 SA de CV S.I.I.D. UHN0P0000.17.529+0.01%162.02B03/12 
 Fondo Deuda CP 1 SA de CV S.I.I.D. A0P0000.18.070+0.04%162.02B06/12 

Monaco - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Monaco Court Terme Euro0P0000.5,206.470+0.01%913.98M03/12 
 Monaco Convertible Bond Europe0P0001.1,186.590-0.30%29.53M03/12 

Namibia - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Sanlam Namibia Floating Rate Fund C0P0000.1.0260%1.2B06/12 
 Sanlam Namibia Floating Rate Fund B0P0000.1.0270%1.2B06/12 
 Sanlam Namibia Floating Rate Fund A0P0000.1.0260%1.2B06/12 
 Sanlam Namibia Floating Rate Fund B20P0000.1.0270%1.2B03/12 
 Sanlam Namibia Money Market Fund B10P0000.1.0000%359.02M06/12 
 Sanlam Namibia Money Market Fund A0P0000.1.0000%359.02M06/12 
 Sanlam Namibia Enhanced Cash Fund B10P0000.9.938-0.24%14.34M06/12 
 Sanlam Namibia Enhanced Cash Fund A0P0000.9.937-0.23%14.34M06/12 

Netherlands - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 NN Euro Obligatie Fonds - P0P0000.35.690+0.08%1.19B14:00:00 
 Delta Lloyd Rente Fonds B Acc0P0001.16.050+0.06%957.51M06/12 
 Delta Lloyd Rente Fonds A0P0000.14.980+0.07%957.51M14:00:00 
 ASN Duurzaam Obligatiefonds0P0000.27.710+0.22%587.99M14:00:00 
 Delta Lloyd Sovereign Bond Fund0P0000.1,604.060+0.01%496.24M06/12 
 DPAM INVEST B Bonds Eur V Distribution0P0000.54.290+0.07%573.92M06/12 
 DPAM INVEST B Bonds Eur W Capitalisation0P0000.91.640+0.08%573.92M06/12 
 Allianz Europa Obligatie Fonds0P0000.77.9300.00%567.55M19/09 
 NN Global Obligatie Fonds - P0P0000.16.450+0.06%444.3M14:00:00 
 AEAM European Credit Fund Inc0P0000.7.174+0.12%337.48M06/12 
 SKAGEN Tellus A0P0000.11.740+0.14%337.42M06/12 
 SKAGEN Tellus B0P0001.10.672+0.23%323.54M06/12 
 Robeco Institutional Core Euro Government Bonds0P0001.125.160+0.14%271.4M06/12 
 AEAM Global High Yield Fund EUR Inc0P0000.13.540+0.30%252.91M14:00:00 
 Delta Lloyd Sovereign XLT Bond Fund0P0000.1,909.000-0.48%229.44M30/09 
 Delta Lloyd Sovereign XLT Bond Fund A0P0000.41.310+0.49%229.44M06/12 
 NN First Class Obligatie Fonds - P0P0000.21.690+0.14%163.56M14:00:00 
 Delta Lloyd Sovereign LT Bond Fund0P0000.2,009.800-0.01%101.2M06/12 
 AEAM Core Eurozone Government Bond Fund0P0000.16.090+0.08%133.67M06/12 
 AEAM Emerging Market Debt Fund EUR Inc0P0000.13.666+0.04%79.7M06/12 

New Zealand - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Russell Investments Global Fixed Interest Fund0P0000.1.1830.00%723.01M02/12 
 Nikko AM NZ Corporate Bond Fund0P0000.1.204+0.15%529.39M06/12 
 AMP Capital NZ Fixed Interest Fund0P0000.1.6640%446.55M06/12 
 Forsyth Barr Premium Yield Fund0P0000.1.898+0.16%243.89M06/12 
 Nikko AM Global Bond Fund0P0000.1.291+0.26%100.8M06/12 
 Nikko AM NZ Bond Fund0P0000.1.060+0.23%74.72M06/12 
 AMP Prem PSS SSgA Global Fixed Int Index0P0000.2.176+0.21%7.89M06/12 
 OneAnswer KiwiSaver-New Zealand Fixed Interest0P0000.1.858+0.22%6.83M06/12 
 AMP NZRT NZ Fixed Interest0P0001.1.349+0.27%5.6M06/12 
 AMP Prem PUT SSgA Global Fixed Int Index0P0000.2.008+0.21%4.38M06/12 
 AMP ARS-NZ Fixed Interest0P0001.2.704+0.69%4.02M30/11 
 AMP Prem PSS ACI NZ Fixed Interest0P0000.2.236+0.22%3.5M06/12 
 AMP Prem PSS PIMCO Global Fixed Interest0P0000.2.565+0.21%2.72M06/12 
 AMP IL Fixed Securities Fund (X)0P0000.4.145-2.13%1.96M31/10 
 Asteron Retirement Savings Plan Int0P0000.3.931-0.10%471.59K31/03 
 AMP IL no E Fee Fixed Securities (XN)0P0000.2.335-2.17%31/10 

Norway - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global Bo0P0000.234.090-0.05%13.97B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global Bo0P0000.221.730-0.05%13.97B06/12 
 Nordea 1 - European Covered Bond Fund BP NOK0P0000.139.200+0.29%5.93B06/12 
 Nordea 1 - European High Yield Bond Fund BP NOK0P0000.372.350+0.35%4.43B06/12 
 KLP Obligasjon Global I0P0000.1,231.189-0.21%36.84B06/12 
 DNB Global Credit0P0000.10,245.948-0.21%36.79B06/12 
 DNB Obligasjon III0P0000.10,482.652+0.20%34.64B06/12 
 DNB AM Lang Obligasjon0P0000.1,027.467-0.21%28.1B03/12 
 Storebrand Norsk Kreditt IG B0P0000.1,077.472+0.22%23.68B06/12 
 Alfred Berg Nordic Investment Grade Classic0P0001.107.373+0.02%18.74B06/12 
 Alfred Berg Nordic Investment Grade Inst0P0001.108.415+0.02%18.74B06/12 
 Storebrand Global Kreditt IG0P0000.1,091.354-0.08%17.97B06/12 
 Storebrand Likviditet B0P0000.10,091.027+0.02%17.54B06/12 
 DNB AM Kort Obligasjon0P0000.1,005.778+0.01%17.5B03/12 
 DNB High Yield0P0001.1,110.095+0.52%16.46B03/12 
 DNB High YieldDK-HGY.1,111.331+0.02%16.46B06/12 
 DNB AM Kort Obligasjon 20P0001.1,005.572+0.01%17.19B03/12 
 Alfred Berg Likviditet Pluss0P0000.103.714-0.01%12.06B06/12 
 Kombinert Forvaltning Renter0P0000.1,969.162-0.00%9.46B06/12 
 Holberg Likviditet0P0000.102.323+0.01%9.1B06/12 

Oman - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 BankMuscat Money Market OMR0P0000.1.2240%39.92M27/10 

Philippines - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Metrofund Starter Fund0P0000.1.7090%82.2B06/12 
 BPI Short Term Fund0P0000.156.3700%81.29B14:00:00 
 BPI Institutional Fund0P0000.263.140-0.00%62.66B14:00:00 
 ALFM Money Market Fund0P0000.131.0700.00%50.15B14:00:00 
 ALFM Peso Bond Fund0P0000.373.610-0.02%44.91B14:00:00 
 ABF Philippines Bond Index Fund0P0000.256.460-0.21%13.77B06/12 
 BPI Premium Bond Fund0P0000.199.680-0.01%7.12B14:00:00 
 UnionBank Philippine Peso Fixed Income Portfolio0P0000.308.721+0.04%3.23B06/12 
 Metrofund Peak Earner Fund0P0000.2.1110%2.61B06/12 
 Metrofund Elite Fund0P0000.2.125-0.00%1.08B06/12 
 BPI Global Philippine Fund0P0000.312.6100%897.52M14:00:00 
 ALFM Dollar Bond Fund0P0000.488.670-0.02%297.98M14:00:00 
 Metro Dollar Short Term Fund0P0000.1.361-0.00%199.84M06/12 
 BPI Philippine Dollar Bond Index Fund0P0000.255.240-0.13%48.12M14:00:00 
 Metrodollar Philippine Bond Fund0P0000.2.158+0.13%30.94M06/12 
 ALFM Euro Bond Fund0P0000.219.690+0.04%17.22M14:00:00 
 BPI lnternational Fund Plus0P0000.187.070+0.03%16.75M06/12 
 UnionBank Dollar Bond Portfolio0P0000.2.412+0.30%10.34M06/12 
 UnionBank Tax Exempt Portfolio0P0000.254.244+0.04%9.15M06/12 
 Metrodollar Philippine Liquid Fund0P0000.1.804+0.07%2.75M06/12 

Poland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 PKO Obligacji Dlugoterminowych0P0000.208.900+0.14%7.24B03/12 
 PKO Skarbowy0P0000.2,156.280+0.06%6.65B03/12 
 UniKorona Dochodowy Acc0P0000.232.600+0.12%6.33B06/12 
 Pekao Spokojna Inwestycja0P0000.12.7900%4.13B03/12 
 Pekao Konserwatywny0P0000.199.750+0.03%3.16B03/12 
 Santander Dluzny Krótkoterminowy Acc0P0000.30.760+0.03%3.1B06/12 
 PZU FIO Papierow Dluznych POLONEZ B0P0000.171.540+0.11%2.81B03/12 
 PZU FIO Papierow Dluznych POLONEZ IKE0P0000.171.910+0.10%2.81B03/12 
 PZU FIO Papierow Dluznych POLONEZ I0P0000.180.960+0.11%2.81B03/12 
 PZU FIO Papierow Dluznych POLONEZ A0P0000.171.550+0.11%2.81B03/12 
 Aviva Investors Dluzny0P0000.1,832.850+0.35%2.77B06/12 
 PKO Papierów Dluznych Plus0P0000.168.090+0.13%2.75B03/12 
 Investor Plynna Lokata FIO I0P0000.269.750-0.00%2.13B03/12 
 Investor Plynna Lokata FIO P0P0000.282.820-0.00%2.13B03/12 
 Investor Plynna Lokata FIO A0P0000.261.610-0.01%2.13B03/12 
 PZU FIO Gotowkowy A0P0000.79.620+0.08%1.93B03/12 
 PZU FIO Gotowkowy I0P0000.84.950+0.07%1.93B03/12 
 PZU FIO Gotowkowy IKE0P0000.79.650+0.06%1.93B03/12 
 Arka Prestiz Obligacji Skarbowych SFIO0P0000.1,405.550+0.32%1.5B06/12 
 Aviva Investors Pieniezny0P0000.1,550.240+0.02%1.27B06/12 

Portugal - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 IMGA Liquidez A - Fundo de Investimento Mobiliário0P0000.5.346+0.03%912.48M03/12 
 IMGA Liquidez R - Fundo de Investimento Mobiliário0P0001.%912.48M 
 Caixa Disponível - Fundo de Investimento Mobiliári0P0000.5.323+0.03%477.74M03/12 
 IMGA Euro Taxa Variável A – Fundo de Investimento 0P0000.5.834+0.04%312.92M03/12 
 IMGA Euro Taxa Variável R - Fundo de Investimento 0P0001.4.987+0.04%312.92M03/12 
 IMGA Rendimento Semestral R - Fundo de Investiment0P0001.4.987+0.06%282.52M03/12 
 IMGA Rendimento Semestral A – Fundo de Investiment0P0000.3.625+0.06%282.52M03/12 
 IMGA Money Market R - Fundo de Investimento Mobili0P0001.4.9900.00%245.02M03/12 
 IMGA Money Market A – Fundo de Investimento Mobili0P0000.5,476.536-0.00%245.02M03/12 
 Caixagest Obrigações -- Fundo de Investimento MobiLP6004.4.474+0.03%236.69M03/12 
 Fundo de Investimento Mobiliário Aberto de ObrigaçLP6004.7.696+0.04%186.93M03/12 
 NB CAPITAL ג€“ Fundo de Investimento Mobiliֳ¡rio A0P0000.5.596+0.02%154.84M06/12 
 Caixagest Obrigações Longo Prazo - Fundo de InvestLP6004.12.836+0.12%129.91M03/12 
 BPI Obrigações Mundiais - Fundo de Investimento AbLP6004.7.854-0.01%126.4M06/12 
 NB Obrigações Europa - Fundo de Investimento Mobil0P0000.27.973+0.19%121.11M06/12 
 IMGA Rendimento Mais – Fundo de Investimento Mobil0P0000.6.243+0.09%106.78M03/12 
 Caixagest Obrigaֳ§ֳµes Mais - Fundo de Investiment0P0000.5.994+0.07%103.3M03/12 
 NB Rendimento Plus – Fundo de Investimento Mobiliá0P0000.10.334+0.07%101.54M06/12 
 Fundo de Investimento Mobiliário Aberto do Mercado0P0000.5.6180.00%98.2M03/12 
 NB Tesouraria Ativa - Fundo de Investimento MobiliLP6004.7.966+0.05%76.99M06/12 

Qatar - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 QNB Debt0P0000.0.0220.00%88.27M04/02 
 QInvest Sukuk FundLP6828.1,052.240-4.16%29/01 

Saudi Arabia - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 SF Money Market Saudi Riyal0P0000.26.95-0.58%2.26B06/06 
 Riyad Money0P0000.1,714.00+0.00%453.52M06/12 
 ANB Al Arabi Money Market0P0000.15.240.00%153.52M04/02 
 Itqan For Murabahat & Sukuk0P0000.10.870.00%63.51M04/02 
 Riyad International Bond Fund0P0000.15.780+0.07%26.75M06/12 
 SAIB Sukuk0P0000.0.020.00%25.69M04/02 
 Riyad Money Fund USD0100127.2600%21.72M06/12 
 SF Emerging Markets Fixed Income0P0000.95.79-0.02%16.29M04/02 
 Saudi Riyal Money Market0P0000.0.020.00%04/02 

Singapore - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 BlackRock Global Funds - Renminbi Bond Fund A20P0000.93.410+0.10%54.63B04/02 
 AB FCP I - American Income Portfolio A2 Acc0P0000.44.330-0.20%22.88B06/12 
 AB FCP I - American Income Portfolio AT Inc0P0000.10.820-0.18%22.88B06/12 
 AB FCP I - Global High Yield Portfolio I IncLP6506.13.070+0.15%20.36B04/02 
 Templeton Global Bond Fund A Mdis SGD0P0000.8.0000%7.19B06/12 
 Templeton Global Total Return Fund A Mdis SGD0P0000.6.8600.00%6.22B06/12 
 Fidelity Funds - Asian High Yield Fund A-MDIST-SGD0P0000.0.692-0.14%313.72M06/12 
 UBS Lux Bond Fund - Euro High Yield EUR (SGD hedge0P0000.90.050+0.07%1.61B06/12 
 AB FCP I - European Income Portfolio AT Inc0P0000.11.010-0.09%2.22B15/07 
 Fullerton SGD Income Fund - Class A0P0000.1.0220%1.98B06/12 
 Fullerton SGD Income Fund - Class B0P0000.0.9660%1.98B06/12 
 Fullerton SGD Income Fund - Class C0P0000.1.0190%1.98B06/12 
 AB FCP I - Mortgage Income Portfolio I2 SGD Acc0P0001.25.030-0.12%1.95B28/05 
 UOB United SGD Fund Class A SGD Acc0P0000.1.9900.00%1.85B06/12 
 AB FCP I - Mortgage Income Portfolio AT SGD Inc0P0001.16.510-0.18%1.38B06/12 
 AIA Regional Fixed Income Fund0P0000.2.417+0.04%1.54B06/12 
 AB FCP I - Mortgage Income Portfolio A2 SGD Acc0P0001.25.120-0.20%1.38B06/12 
 Eastspring Investments Funds - Monthly Income Plan0P0000.0.781+0.13%1.29B06/12 
 Fullerton SGD Cash Fund A Acc0P0000.1.0920%1.05B14:00:00 
 AB FCP I - Emerging Markets Debt Portfolio I2 SGD 0P0001.50.8900.00%1.02B28/05 

Slovenia - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 KD BondLP6507.19.866+0.02%54.63M06/12 

South Africa - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Nedgroup Investments Core Income Funds E0P0000.0.9970%66.63B06/12 
 Nedgroup Investments Core Income Fund A10P0000.0.9970%65.77B06/12 
 Nedgroup Investments Core Income Fund C30P0000.0.9970%62.42B06/12 
 Nedgroup Investments Core Income Fund B0P0000.0.9970%62.42B06/12 
 Nedgroup Investments Core Income Fund C0P0000.0.9970%62.42B06/12 
 Nedgroup Investments Core Income Fund C100P0000.0.9970%62.5B06/12 
 Nedgroup Investments Core Income Fund C40P0000.0.9970%62.5B14:00:00 
 Nedgroup Investments Core Income Fund C20P0000.0.9970%62.5B06/12 
 STANLIB Income Fund B10P0000.1.373+0.07%56.67B06/12 
 STANLIB Income Fund B50P0000.1.3730%56.67B06/12 
 STANLIB Income Fund D0P0000.1.3720%56.67B06/12 
 STANLIB Income Fund R0P0000.1.3710%56.04B06/12 
 STANLIB Income Fund B60P0000.1.3710%54.45B06/12 
 STANLIB Income Fund B70P0000.1.3700.00%54.45B05/02 
 STANLIB Income Fund B80P0000.1.379+0.91%54.45B01/02 
 STANLIB Income Fund B20P0000.1.3710%54.45B06/12 
 STANLIB Income Fund B40P0000.1.3690.00%54.45B05/02 
 STANLIB Corporate Money Market Fund B60P0000.1.0000%50.67B06/12 
 STANLIB Corporate Money Market Fund B10P0000.1.0000%50.67B06/12 
 STANLIB Corporate Money Market Fund B80P0000.1.0000%50.67B06/12 

South Korea - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 TongYang High Plus Feeder Bond 1 B0P0000.1,035.230+0.02%1,367.14B06/12 
 TongYang High Plus Feeder Bond 1 I0P0000.1,028.670+0.02%1,367.14B06/12 
 MiraeAsset Global Dynamic Plus Feeder Bond 1 CF0P0000.1,023.810+0.05%781.14B03/12 
 MiraeAsset Global Dynamic Plus Feeder Bond 1 CI0P0000.1,025.320+0.05%781.14B03/12 
 KyoboAXA Tomorrow Long-term Gilt Bond K1 A0P0000.1,023.160+0.08%776.45B06/12 
 KyoboAXA Tomorrow Long-term Gilt Bond K1 C10P0000.1,030.640+0.08%776.45B06/12 
 KyoboAXA Tomorrow Long-term Gilt Bond K1 C20P0000.1,028.230+0.08%776.45B06/12 
 KyoboAXA Tomorrow Long-term Gilt Bond K1 CW0P0000.1,020.290+0.08%776.45B06/12 
 KyoboAXA Tomorrow Long-term Gilt Bond K1 CP20P0000.1,012.780-0.15%776.45B03/12 
 Samsung ABF Korea Index Bond I0P0000.971.570+0.15%680.36B06/12 
 Samsung ABF Korea Index Bond R0P0000.965.800+0.15%680.36B06/12 
 Samsung ABF Korea Index Bond A0P0000.971.520+0.15%680.36B06/12 
 Samsung ABF Korea Index Bond Cp0P0000.965.870-0.35%680.36B03/12 
 MiraeAsset Retirement Plan Global Dynamic Feeder B0P0000.986.770+0.16%430.46B06/12 
 MiraeAsset Retirement Plan Global Dynamic Feeder B0P0000.987.930+0.07%430.46B03/12 
 AB Global High Yield Bond-Fund of Funds A0P0000.1,268.970+0.22%379.56B06/12 
 AB Global High Yield Bond-Fund of Funds I0P0000.1,310.590+0.22%379.56B06/12 
 AB Monthly Distribution Global High Yield Bond-Fun0P0000.1,000.0000%306.48B06/12 
 MiraeAsset Global Dynamic Feeder Bond 1 F0P0000.992.660+0.16%252.02B06/12 
 MiraeAsset Global Dynamic Feeder Bond 1 A0P0000.989.470+0.16%252.02B06/12 

Spain - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Caixabank Monetario Rendimiento Plus FI0P0000.7.738-0.00%3.78B02/12 
 Caixabank Monetario Rendimiento Premium FI0P0000.7.800-0.00%3.78B02/12 
 Caixabank Monetario Rendimiento Cartera FI0P0000.7.814-0.00%3.78B02/12 
 Caixabank Monetario Rendimiento Esto¡ndar FI0P0000.7.668-0.00%3.78B02/12 
 Caixabank Monetario Rendimiento Institucional FI0P0000.7.916-0.00%3.78B02/12 
 Caixabank Monetario Rendimiento Platinum FI0P0000.7.863-0.01%3.78B02/12 
 Santander Renta Fija Corto Plazo I FI105931.7.140%2.77B02/12 
 Santander Renta Fija Corto Plazo A FI0P0001.7.123+0.04%2.77B02/12 
 Julius Baer Multibond Local Emerging Bond Fund U0P0000.242.360+0.12%2.34B06/12 
 Sabadell Rendimiento Premier FI0P0001.9.2820%2.16B03/12 
 Sabadell Rendimiento Pyme FI0P0001.9.2280%2.16B03/12 
 Sabadell Rendimiento Canalizador FI0P0001.9.3180%2.16B03/12 
 Sabadell Rendimiento Cartera FI0P0001.9.2940%2.16B03/12 
 Sabadell Rendimiento Base FI173829.9.200%2.16B02/12 
 Sabadell Rendimiento Empresa FI0P0001.9.2420%2.16B03/12 
 Sabadell Rendimiento Plus FI0P0001.9.2420%2.16B03/12 
 Santander Inversion Corto Plazo FI145822.105.93-0.16%2.13B30/11 
 Amundi Index Solutions - Amundi Index J.P. Morgan 0P0000.142.100-0.19%2.32B06/12 
 SPB RF Corto Plazo I FI112793.9.700%1.8B02/12 
 SPB RF Corto Plazo A FI0P0001.9.542+0.03%1.8B02/12 

Sweden - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 AP7 Räntefond0P0000.112.460+0.05%65.4B06/12 
 Nordea 1 - European High Yield Bond Fund BP SEK0P0000.371.020-0.28%4.43B06/12 
 Swedbank Robur Penningmarknadsfond0P0000.101.140+0.01%40.43B06/12 
 Handelsbanken Företagsobligation Investment Grade 0P0001.101.770+0.01%29.84B06/12 
 Handelsbanken Företagsobligation Investment Grade 0P0001.98.720+0.01%29.84B06/12 
 Swedbank Robur Räntefond Kort Plus0P0001.125.320+0.02%26.46B06/12 
 Handelsbanken Långränta Criteria (B1 SEK)0P0000.99.030+0.12%22.13B06/12 
 Handelsbanken Långränta Criteria (A1 SEK)0P0000.117.720+0.11%22.13B06/12 
 SEB Korträntefond SEK utd0P0000.9.0370%21.73B06/12 
 Handelsbanken Kortränta Criteria (B1 SEK)0P0000.94.6700%21.6B06/12 
 Handelsbanken Kortränta Criteria (A1 SEK)0P0000.105.0600%21.6B06/12 
 SEB Korträntefond SEK0P0000.10.1740%21.17B03/12 
 SEB Korträntefond SEK Institutional0P0001.100.524+0.00%21.17B03/12 
 Swedbank Robur Ethica Obligation0P0000.13.710+0.07%20.98B06/12 
 Handelsbanken Institutionell Kortränta Criteria (A0P0001.101.0100.00%20.18B06/12 
 Handelsbanken Institutionell Kortränta Criteria (B0P0001.99.0000%20.18B06/12 
 Swedbank Robur Räntefond Flexibel0P0001.256.430+0.07%19.2B06/12 
 Carnegie Corporate Bond Fund A0P0000.441.738+0.02%16.34B06/12 
 Carnegie Corporate Bond Fund D0P0000.100.029+0.03%16.34B06/12 
 Carnegie Corporate Bond B H NOK0P0000.137.048+0.02%16.34B06/12 

Switzerland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 CSIF CH Bond JPY Index Blue DA0P0000.112,167+0.10%73.23B03/12 
 CSIF CH Bond JPY Index Blue ZA0P0000.110,959+0.10%73.23B03/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0001.8.500+0.12%64.08B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0001.11.840+0.08%64.08B06/12 
 UBS CH Institutional Fund - JPY Bonds Passive U-X0P0000.11,036,389+0.06%57.78B06/12 
 BlackRock Global Funds - Renminbi Bond Fund A2 CHF0P0000.14.890+0.40%3.82B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global In0P0000.11.670-0.09%17.4B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global In0P0000.11.690-0.09%17.4B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global In0P0000.18.040-0.11%17.4B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global In0P0000.13.270-0.08%17.4B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Diversifi0P0000.14.7500%16.4B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Diversifi0P0000.9.2700.00%16.4B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global Bo0P0000.34.810-0.06%13.97B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global Bo0P0000.20.690-0.05%13.97B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global Bo0P0000.13.440-0.07%13.97B06/12 
 CSIF CH Switzerland Bond Index AAA-BBB Blue FA0P0000.1,089.580-0.06%10.49B03/12 
 CSIF CH Switzerland Bond Index AAA-BBB Blue DA38943521,123.070-0.06%10.49B03/12 
 CSIF CH Switzerland Bond Index AAA-BBB Blue FA0P0000.1,046.060-0.35%10.49B06/12 
 CSIF CH Switzerland Bond Index AAA-BBB Blue ZA39003051,123.200+0.20%10.49B06/12 
 Jupiter Global Fund - Jupiter Dynamic Bond Class L0P0000.12.220-0.08%9.87B14:00:00 

Taiwan - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Allianz Global Investors All Seasons Harvest Fund 0P0000.13.214+0.09%13.38B06/12 
 Fuh Hwa Emerging Market High Yield Bond Fund A0P0000.9.590+0.21%3.16B06/12 
 Fuh Hwa Emerging Market High Yield Bond Fund B0P0000.4.5400%3.16B06/12 
 JPMorgan Taiwan Global Fund of Bond Inc0P0000.8.586+0.41%1.47B06/12 
 JPMorgan Taiwan Global Fund of Bond Acc0P0000.11.264+0.41%1.47B06/12 
 Fubon Global Investment-grade Bond Fund A TWD0P0000.11.017-0.32%718.72M06/12 
 Fubon Global Investment-grade Bond Fund B TWD0P0000.8.878-0.32%718.72M06/12 
 Capital Strategic Income Fund0P0000.11.530+0.09%262.42M06/12 
 Nomura Global Bond Portfolio Fund0P0000.14.290+0.07%243.21M06/12 
 Fubon China High Yield Bond Fund-B CNY0P0000.6.036+0.22%140.39M06/12 
 Fubon China High Yield Bond Fund-A CNY0P0000.10.399+0.22%140.39M06/12 
 Schroder China Bond Fund RMB Acc0P0001.12.696-0.45%87.25M17/11 
 Schroder China Bond Fund RMB Inc0P0001.9.448-0.39%87.25M17/11 
 Fubon China High Yield Bond Fund-A USD0P0001.1.548+0.29%21.93M06/12 
 Fubon China High Yield Bond Fund-B USD0P0001.0.937+0.29%21.93M06/12 
 Schroder China Bond Fund USD Acc0P0001.11.912+0.11%9.24M17/11 
 Schroder China Bond Fund USD Inc0P0001.8.831+0.11%9.24M17/11 

Thailand - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Bualuang Thanatavee Fixed Income FundB-TNTV13.3870%102.66B14:00:00 
 SCB Savings Fixed Income Open End FundSCBSFF20.7900%61.8B14:00:00 
 K Cash Management FundK-CASH13.2460%46.1B14:00:00 
 Bualuang Treasury FundB-TREA.11.2440%38.49B14:00:00 
 The Krung Thai Sa-Som-Sub FundKTSS13.1230%25.09B14:00:00 
 TMB Treasury Money FundTMBTM13.8860%19.12B14:00:00 
 TMB Global Income FundTMBGIN.12.229+0.06%18.01B03/12 
 K Treasury FundK-TREA.13.1800%16.69B14:00:00 
 Thanachart Cash Management FundT-CASH13.6430%14.26B14:00:00 
 Phatra Money Positive FundPHATRA.12.2080%13.12B14:00:00 
 Krungsri Cash Management FundKFCASH13.3510%12.96B14:00:00 
 Krungsri Global Collective Smart Income FundKF-CSI.11.652+0.06%9.07B03/12 
 Krungsri Cash RMFKFCASH.13.2640%6.39B14:00:00 
 TMB Global Bond FundTMBGF13.733+0.17%5.31B03/12 
 Thanachart Money Market FundT-MONEY12.1160%5.26B14:00:00 
 SCB Treasury Money Plus Open End Fund (Class I)SCBTMF.11.2860%5.13B14:00:00 
 KTAM Global Credit Income Fund R0P0001.11.022+0.07%4.74B03/12 
 LH Money Market FundLHMM11.6780%4.68B14:00:00 
 UOB Sure Daily Open-ended FundUOBSD12.9320%4.53B14:00:00 
 TMB Money FundTMBMF22.0600%4.42B14:00:00 

United Arab Emirates - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Emirates Global Sukuk Fund USD Institutional ShareLP6513.17.045-0.02%158.88M06/12 
 Rasmala Investment Funds - Rasmala Global Sukuk FuLP6825.105.508-0.02%73.32M06/12 

United Kingdom - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0000.10.340+0.10%64.08B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Income Fu0P0000.10.830+0.19%64.08B06/12 
 Vanguard Global Bond Index Fund Instl Pls GBP Hedg0P0001.107.780-0.11%23.06B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global In0P0000.10.130-0.10%17.4B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global In0P0000.13.280-0.15%17.4B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global In0P0000.22.420-0.09%17.4B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global In0P0000.13.770-0.15%17.4B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global In0P0000.13.350-0.15%17.4B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Diversifi0P0000.15.3100.00%16.4B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Diversifi0P0000.7.4100%16.4B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global Bo0P0000.14.400+0.07%13.97B09/07 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global Bo0P0000.23.560-0.04%13.97B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global Bo0P0000.14.220-0.07%13.97B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global Bo0P0000.22.240-0.04%13.97B06/12 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Global Bo0P0000.15.0300.00%8.48B31/01 
 Jupiter Global Fund - Jupiter Dynamic Bond Class D0P0000.14.800-0.07%9.87B14:00:00 
 Jupiter Global Fund - Jupiter Dynamic Bond Class D0P0000.10.490-0.10%9.87B14:00:00 
 Jupiter Global Fund - Jupiter Dynamic Bond Class I0P0000.11.410-0.09%9.87B14:00:00 
 BlackRock Corporate Bond Tracker Fund H Acc0P0001.1.420%5.74B14:00:00 
 BlackRock Corporate Bond Tracker Fund L Acc0P0000.1.770%5.74B14:00:00 

United States - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Fidelity Government Money Market FundSPAXX1.0000%212.07B06/12 
 Fidelityֲ® Government Cash ReservesFDRXX1.0000%211.11B06/12 
 Vanguard Total Bond Market II Index Fund Investor VTBIX11.12-0.36%142.88B06/12 
 Vanguard Total Bond Market Index AdmVBTLX11.27-0.35%117.3B06/12 
 Vanguard Total Bond Market II Idx IVTBNX11.12-0.36%111.34B06/12 
 Vanguard Cash Reserves Federal Money Market Fund AVMRXX1.0000%93.38B06/12 
 PIMCO Income InstlPIMIX11.860%82.63B06/12 
 Dodge & Cox IncomeDODIX14.22-0.14%72.29B06/12 
 Vanguard Instl Trgt Retire 2030 InstlVTTWX30.78+0.62%59.91B06/12 
 Fidelity US Bond Index Instl PremFXNAX12.04-0.33%59.65B06/12 
 PIMCO Total Return InstlPTTRX10.31-0.39%57.64B06/12 
 Vanguard Short-Term Investment-Grade AdmVFSUX10.80-0.09%55.83B06/12 
 Vanguard Instl Trgt Retire 2025 InstlVRIVX29.70+0.54%55.46B06/12 
 Vanguard Instl Trgt Retire 2035 InstlVITFX31.79+0.70%55.17B06/12 
 Metropolitan West Total Return Bd IMWTIX10.95-0.36%53.06B06/12 
 Vanguard Instl Trgt Retire 2040 InstlVIRSX32.85+0.83%51.36B06/12 
 Vanguard Total Bond Market Index IVBTIX11.27-0.35%49.8B06/12 
 Strategic Advisers Core IncomeFPCIX10.89-0.27%46.94B06/12 
 Vanguard Instl Trgt Retire 2045 InstlVITLX33.81+0.90%44.9B06/12 
 DoubleLine Total Return Bond IDBLTX10.46-0.29%42.94B06/12