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Austria - Funds

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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Raiffeisen-Active-Commodities (R) VT0P0000.65.530-0.05%57.48M07/12 

China - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Bosera Golden ETF Fdr C0026111.250-0.12%9.3B07/12 
 HuaAn Gold ETF Feeder Fd A0002161.330-0.12%7.12B07/12 
 HuaAn Gold ETF Feeder Fd C0002171.315-0.12%7.12B07/12 
 UBS SDIC Silver Futures(LOF)1612260.7130%1.17B07/12 
 China Southern crude oil (QDII-FOF-LOF)5010180.844+1.32%925.85M07/12 
 Lion Global Gold Fund (QDII-FOF)3200130.9820%283.95M06/12 
 GuoTai Commodity Alloc QDII-LOF-FOF1602160.309+2.66%193.96M07/12 
 E Fund Gold Theme Securities Investment Fund1611160.746+0.54%164.21M07/12 
 China Universal Precious Metal Fd(LOF)1647010.740+0.68%125.65M07/12 
 Harvest Gold (QDII-FOF-LOF)1607190.860-0.35%120.39M07/12 
 Yinhua Anti-inflation Theme Fund QDII(LOF)1618150.553+1.47%63.95M07/12 
 ChinaAMC Soybean Meal Futures ETF Feeder Fund A0079371.140-1.11%56.78M07/12 
 CITIC-Prudential Global Merchant Theme Investment 1655130.409+3.02%45.51M07/12 
 Bosera Anti-inflation Strengthen Return Fund QDII0500200.378+1.07%41.16M06/12 

Finland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Aktia Commodity B0P0001.1.310+0.10%70.32M03/12 

France - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Ofi Financial Investment - Precious Metals R0P0000.764.380+0.30%1.26B06/12 

Germany - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 LBBW Rohstoffe 1 I USD0P0000.87.330+0.17%384.28M06/12 
 LBBW Rohstoffe 1 R0P0000.35.420+0.20%365.01M06/12 
 HANSAgold USD0P0000.79.879+0.12%331.02M07/12 
 LBBW Rohstoffe 1 I0P0000.72.000+0.19%316.3M06/12 
 HANSAgold EUR0P0000.58.748+0.13%269.7M07/12 
 Monega Rohstoffe0P0000.45.220+0.07%78.04M06/12 
 Tresides Commodity One A0P0001.121.790+0.40%73.28M06/12 
 LBBW RS Flex R0P0001.56.320+0.04%53.07M06/12 
 HANSAwerte USD0P0000.49.781+0.71%45.34M07/12 
 LBBW Rohstoffe 2 LS I USD0P0000.85.730-0.45%43.2M06/12 
 HANSAwerte EUR0P0000.39.291+0.72%37.32M07/12 
 LBBW Rohstoffe 2 LS I0P0000.91.430-0.44%35.56M06/12 
 LBBW Rohstoffe 2 LS R0P0000.39.050-0.41%35.56M06/12 
 CYD Diversified Commodities CHF IZ0P0001.66.690-0.07%19.05M23/02 
 Optinova Metals and Materials0P0000.135.260+0.19%18.95M06/12 
 CYD Diversified Commodities ex-AL USD IZ0P0001.84.160+0.01%1.4M03/12 
 CYD Diversified Commodities ex-AL CHF IZ0P0001.71.270-0.96%1.35M11/11 
 Ophirum ETP Platin0P0001.12.9200.00%06/12 
 Ophirum ETP Gold0P0001.17.7500%06/12 

Ireland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 PIMCO GIS Commodity Real Return Fund E Class EUR (0P0000.6.4200.00%1.33B06/12 
 PIMCO GIS Commodity Real Return Fund Institutional0P0000.8.3100.00%1.33B06/12 

Israel - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Meitav Gold0P0000.78.810+0.84%25.32M06/12 

Japan - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Daiwa Fund Wrap Commodity Select0P0000.5,321.000+0.61%79.16B07/12 
 Pictet Gold0P0000.10,100.000+0.55%71.35B07/12 
 MUKAM MUFJ Fine Gold Fund0P0000.16,265.000+0.43%56.68B07/12 
 SMTAM Commodity Open SMA0P0000.9,502.000+0.62%14.65B07/12 
 UBS Crude Oil Futures Fund0P0000.11,187.000+4.54%9.92B07/12 
 SMDS SMBC Fund Wrap Commodity0P0000.5,226.000+0.67%5.64B07/12 
 AMOne DIAM Commodity Passive Fund0P0000.8,487.000+2.11%4.09B07/12 
 BlackRock iShares Gold Index Fund UnHedged0P0000.14,468.000+0.08%4.09B07/12 
 State Street Gold Fund Hedged0P0000.7,972.000-0.24%4.06B07/12 
 SMTAM SMT Gold Index Open Hedged0P0001.12,277.000-0.28%2.67B07/12 
 MUKAM eMAXIS Plus Commodity Index0P0001.8,389.000-0.87%2.17B07/12 
 Daiwa RICI(R) Commodity Fund0P0000.3,245.000+1.50%1.89B07/12 
 Daiwa Rogers International Commodity TM Fund0P0000.6,999.000+1.48%1.34B07/12 
 SMTAM SMT Gold Index Open UnHedged0P0001.12,880.000+0.08%1.28B07/12 
 Daiwa Fund Wrap Commodity Plus Fund0P0001.12,589.000+0.94%1.09B07/12 
 BlackRock iShares Commodity Index Fund0P0000.5,683.000+2.73%777M07/12 
 SMTAM SMTAM Commodity Open0P0001.8,582.000+0.62%415M07/12 
 MUKAM World Commodity Open Wrap0P0001.9,918.000-0.88%104M07/12 
 AMOne MHAM Commodity Index Fund Wrap0P0000.4,345.000-0.73%82M07/12 

Luxembourg - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 GSSI GSQuartix Modified Strategy on the Bloomberg 0P0000.0.0220.00%3.14B04/02 
 GSSI GSQuartix Modified Strategy on the Bloomberg 0P0000.10.768+0.50%3.14B06/12 
 GSSI GSQuartix Modified Strategy on the Bloomberg 0P0000.8.716+0.50%3.14B06/12 
 GSSI GSQuartix Modified Strategy on the Bloomberg 0P0000.9.498+0.50%3.14B06/12 
 GSSI GSQuartix Modified Strategy on the Bloomberg 0P0000.9.864+0.49%3.14B06/12 
 GSSI GSQuartix Modified Strategy on the Bloomberg 0P0000.10.597+0.49%3.14B06/12 
 GSSI GSQuartix Modified Strategy on the Bloomberg 0P0000.9.713+0.51%3.14B06/12 
 GSSI GSQuartix Modified Strategy on the Bloomberg 0P0000.6.319+0.51%3.14B06/12 
 GSSI GSQuartix Modified Strategy on the Bloomberg 0P0000.8.284+0.50%3.14B06/12 
 GSSI GSQuartix Modified Strategy on the Bloomberg 0P0000.7.986+0.51%3.14B06/12 
 GSSI GSQuartix Modified Strategy on the Bloomberg 0P0000.6.719+0.88%1.72B27/12 
 GSSI GSQuartix Modified Strategy on the Bloomberg 0P0000.5.872-0.18%1.52B14/02 
 CS Invm Fds 2 Credit Suisse (Lux) CommodityAlloc0P0001.97.940-0.09%598.51M06/12 
 CS Invm Fds 2 Credit Suisse (Lux) CommodityAlloc0P0001.810.790-0.09%598.51M06/12 
 CS Invm Fds 2 Credit Suisse (Lux) CommodityAlloc0P0001.82.490-0.08%888.44M06/12 
 SEB Commodity Index Fund R SEK0P0001.864.550+0.63%790.76M04/12 
 SEB Commodity Index Fund I H SEK0P0001.848.430-1.05%790.76M11/03 
 CS Invm Fds 2 Credit Suisse (Lux) CommodityAlloc0P0000.741.370-0.08%598.51M06/12 
 CS Invm Fds 2 Credit Suisse (Lux) CommodityAlloc0P0000.66.460-0.09%598.51M06/12 
 CS Invm Fds 2 Credit Suisse (Lux) CommodityAlloc0P0001.0.0220.00%561.94M04/02 

Poland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Skarbiec Rynków Surowcowych0P0000.0.0220.00%77.92M04/02 
 BPH Globalny Zywnosci i Surowców Acc0P0000.92.000-0.37%12.54M06/12 

Sweden - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 XACT Råvaror0P0001.177.5000.00%125.95M07/10 

Thailand - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 K Gold RMFKGDRMF14.593+0.73%4.47B07/12 
 SCB Gold THB Hedged Open End FundSCBGOL.9.506+0.69%2.92B07/12 
 K Oil FundK-OIL4.682-0.74%2.29B03/12 
 TMB Gold Singapore FundTMBGOL.11.618+0.68%1.3B07/12 
 Bualuang Gold RMFBGOLDR.13.239+0.20%1.25B07/12 
 Bualuang Gold FundBGOLD13.708+0.21%1.02B07/12 
 SCB Gold THB Hedged RMFSCBGOL.9.591+0.70%943.62M07/12 
 TMB Gold FundTMBGOLD23.421+0.76%712.37M03/12 
 Krungsri Gold FundKF-GOLD15.049+0.30%538.7M07/12 
 TMB Gold Singapore Retirement Mutual FundTMBGOL.11.570+0.68%525.5M07/12 
 Krungsri Oil FundKF-OIL3.648-0.71%488.32M03/12 
 SCB Oil FundSCBOIL4.783-0.75%425.34M03/12 
 Thanachart Gold Bullion-Currency HedgedTGOLDB.11.544+0.64%405.65M07/12 
 KTAM Gold RMFKT-GOL.11.695+0.65%373.13M07/12 
 TMB OIL FundTMBOIL4.398-0.77%372.57M03/12 
 TISCO Gold FundTGOLD13.930+0.49%367.06M07/12 
 KTAM Gold FundKT-GOLD12.298+0.65%359.64M07/12 
 SCB Gold Open End FundSCBGOLD10.243+0.30%330.95M07/12 
 Krungsri Gold Hedged FundKF-HGO.10.140+0.69%290.27M07/12 
 KTAM Oil FundKT-OIL3.483-0.80%248.84M03/12 

United Kingdom - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 WisdomTree Aluminium 2x Daily Leveraged0P0000.3.340-2.70%3.3M06/12 
 WisdomTree Aluminium 2x Daily Leveraged0P0000.%3.3M 
 WisdomTree Aluminium 2x Daily Leveraged0P0000.2.963-2.52%3.3M06/12 

United States - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Fidelity Series Commodity StrategyFCSSX3.95+0.25%7.73B06/12 
 PIMCO Commodity Real Return Strategy InstitutionalPCRIX6.080%4.77B06/12 
 Credit Suisse Commodity Return Strat ICRSOX34.03-0.03%2.12B06/12 
 Deutsche Enhanced Commodity Strat InstlSKIRX8.030%1.73B06/12 
 DFA Commodity Strategy InstitutionalDCMSX6.720%1.58B06/12 
 PIMCO Commodity Real Return Strat PPCRPX6.05+0.17%1.66B06/12 
 PIMCO CommoditiesPLUS Strategy PPCLPX7.34+1.66%1.39B06/12 
 Parametric Commodity Strategy InstlEIPCX6.92+0.29%1.37B06/12 
 PIMCO CommoditiesPLUS Strategy InstlPCLIX7.42+1.64%1.12B06/12 
 ALPS CorCmdty Mgmt CompleteCmdty Strat IJCRIX9.07+0.55%1.12B06/12 
 MFS Commodity Strategy R6MCSRX6.51+0.15%855.88M06/12 
 Invesco Balanced-Risk Commodity Strat YBRCYX7.99+1.01%860.97M06/12 
 Invesco Balanced-Risk Commodity Strategy Fund Clas0P0000.8.050+1.00%463.87M06/12 
 PIMCO Commodity Real Ret Strat APCRAX5.86+0.17%336.46M06/12 
 VanEck CM Commodity Index ICOMIX6.12+0.66%326.52M06/12 
 Wellington CIF II Commodities0P0001.6.220+0.48%310.45M30/09 
 VanEck CM Commodity Index YCMCYX6.10+0.66%321.61M06/12 
 BlackRock Commodity Strategies InstlBICSX8.99+0.78%1.19B06/12 
 AQR Risk-Balanced Commodities Strategy IARCIX9.08+0.67%208.91M06/12 
 Invesco Balanced-Risk Cmdty Strat R5BRCNX8.03+1.01%150.65M06/12 
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