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A complete archive of Vestact 's articles, including current analysis & opinion - Page 6

The SKKY Is The Limit
By Vestact - Sep 08, 2022
Market Scorecard Finally, we have some good news for you! US markets had a great day yesterday, closing firmly in the green. All three major indices rose, and all sectors were up except energy stocks....
Your Average Jeff
By Vestact - Sep 07, 2022
Market Scorecard Like a few friends of ours that ran the Comrades, US markets took off in good shape in the morning, but ran out of steam and battled home in the afternoon. Our favourite index, the...
A Security Security
By Vestact - Sep 06, 2022
Market Scorecard Yesterday, US markets were closed for Labor Day, which means there was no pain or gain for our offshore portfolios. However, European indices fell and the Euro touched a new 20-year...
It's All In The Hips
By Vestact - Sep 05, 2022
Market Scorecard On Friday, US markets lost ground again after the release of the monthly jobs report. At first the employment numbers seemed to be taken well, but from midday onwards stocks slumped....
By Vestact - Sep 01, 2022
Market Scorecard Disappointingly, US stocks fell again yesterday, marking the fourth straight day of losses. The final performance numbers from August were not great, with the S&P 500 down 4.2%...
Jay Ruins The Day
By Vestact - Aug 29, 2022
Market Scorecard On Friday, US markets dropped like a stone after Federal Reserve Chair Jerome (Jay) Powell delivered a very hawkish speech about inflation. All major indices fell over 3%, which is...
The Centre Of Data
By Vestact - Aug 26, 2022
Market Scorecard On Thursday, US markets bounced nicely in afternoon trade and closed firmly in the green. Stocks have now risen for two straight sessions as investors await the Fed's comments from...
Keep Your Mind Ticking
By Vestact - Aug 25, 2022
Market Scorecard It's springtime in Joburg and the jasmine climbers are in full and fragrant bloom. Happily, US markets moved higher yesterday, breaking a multi-day losing streak. Somewhere there was...
Namaste Apple
By Vestact - Aug 24, 2022
Market Scorecard US markets drifted around yesterday in lacklustre trade, eventually edging lower. This was the third day in a row of softer prices, which is annoying. Energy stocks were once again...
Jackson's Hole
By Vestact - Aug 23, 2022
Market Scorecard US markets sold off yesterday as fears about inflation and further interest rates by the Fed started to circulate again. After down days on Friday and Monday, some wind has been taken...