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Buy Low Sell High, Duh!
By Vestact - Jun 30, 2022
Market Scorecard US markets were little changed yesterday, after another quiet trading session. The old-school Dow Jones industrial index inched higher, while both the broader S&P 500 and the...
Nike Trains Harder
By Vestact - Jun 29, 2022
Market Scorecard US markets had a down day yesterday, after a bleak report about consumer confidence dampened the mood. Large tech stocks sagged, and since we own a lot of them, it was a bad day for...
Find Your Zen
By Vestact - Jun 27, 2022
Market Scorecard US stocks surged higher on Friday after fresh economic data altered investors' expectations about the possibility of steep interest rate hikes to come. There are hopes that a...
Eskom Sees the light
By Vestact - Jun 24, 2022
Market Scorecard Yesterday, US markets advanced with both the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq indexes closing near session highs. We are now up by more than 3% in the last three trading days, which is very...
Market Scorecard In a volatile trading session, US markets bobbed between red and green, eventually ending marginally lower. Jerome Powell appeared before Congress yesterday, saying a recession is a...
Still Droning On
By Vestact - Jun 22, 2022
Market Scorecard US stocks rallied overnight, which was encouraging given that last week was the worst since March 2020. All three major indexes advanced, a welcome reprieve from watching stocks go in...
Tiger Line
By Vestact - Jun 21, 2022
Market Scorecard Global stocks rose on Monday in those markets that were open, but it was a very slow news day. Wall Street was closed for the Juneteenth US federal public holiday. Rising interest...
Buy To Survive
By Vestact - Jun 20, 2022
Market Scorecard US markets on Friday concluded their toughest week since 2020. All three major indexes finished the week with sharp losses. The broader S&P 500 fell 5.8% for the week, its largest...
Squid Heads To Reality
By Vestact - Jun 17, 2022
Market Scorecard On Wednesday evening the US Fed raised rates by 75 basis points, their biggest hike in 28 years. Going into the meeting, the market was betting it would either be 50 or 75 basis...
Market Deflates
By Vestact - Jun 14, 2022
Market Scorecard Yesterday, the US stock market selloff deepened. We have to go back to 1940 to find a worse start to the year. This three-day rout in the market has left the S&P500 down almost 9%...