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Central Spanks
By Vestact - Sep 22, 2022
Market Scorecard Yesterday, US markets gyrated following the Fed's very hawkish tone about future interest rate hikes. Stocks were up earlier in the day, then dropped shortly after the Fed announced a...
Estate Agents Of Change
By Vestact - Sep 21, 2022
Market Scorecard Yesterday, US markets closed lower with a cautious mood ahead of the Fed's interest rate announcement today. Trading volumes were light and we gave back Monday's gains. No-one really...
By Vestact - Sep 20, 2022
Market Scorecard US markets closed in the green last night after a strong rebound in the final hour of trading. At this point, sellers of stocks seem to have exhausted themselves. To be fair, we are...
Monster Returns
By Vestact - Sep 19, 2022
Market Scorecard On Friday, US markets closed lower as corporate profit warnings clouded the outlook for the global economy for the rest of the year. US stocks fell, with the tech-heavy Nasdaq down...
Survive And Thrive
By Vestact - Sep 16, 2022
Market Scorecard Yesterday, US stocks rose briefly in the morning but fell away in the course of the afternoon. The S&P 500 closed at its lowest level in two months. We're still hopeful that fewer...
Market Scorecard US markets moved higher late in the session yesterday, as dip buyers entered the chat. Come in, you are welcome! Energy stocks rose broadly on firmer crude oil prices, and Tesla...
RateGate Continues
By Vestact - Sep 14, 2022
Market Scorecard Sob! Yesterday, US shares had their biggest one-day drop in more than two years after hotter-than-expected inflation data. Now we are faced with the grim prospect of aggressive rate...
Bite Me
By Vestact - Sep 13, 2022
Market Scorecard Four days in a row of green markets, we will take that! Since Tuesday last week, the S&P 500 is up over 5% as traders seem to feel more comfortable with the Fed's renewed comments...
Look Past The Past
By Vestact - Sep 12, 2022
Market Scorecard Markets are finally gathering some upward momentum. Friday was the third day in a row of gains. After the middle of June the S&P 500 rallied by 17.4%, then slumped by 9.2%, and...
Be Confident
By Vestact - Sep 09, 2022
Market Scorecard The passing of Queen Elizabeth II dominated news services overnight. US markets rose after a wobbly start, as investors digested remarks from Fed Chair Jerome Powell. We are on track...