Can I invest in Palworld maker Pocketpair?

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Can I invest in Palworld maker Pocketpair?

The interest in Palworld, a multiplayer, open-world survival crafting game, has surged recently. As a result, many retail investors have been trying to find out if they can invest in Palworld maker Pocketpair.

Pocketpair is an innovative game development company known for creating unique multiplayer games that blend various genres to offer fresh gaming experiences.

What is Palworld

Palworld is a video game developed by Pocketpair. It's known for its unique blend of elements from different gaming genres, including creature collection and battling reminiscent of Pokémon, combined with crafting, building, and survival mechanics.

In Palworld, players can catch and train mysterious creatures known as "Pals" while exploring a vast and varied landscape. The game also features combat against both wild creatures and other players, alongside farming, manufacturing, and the construction of homes and factories.

A notable aspect of Palworld is the emphasis on using Pals not just for battling but also for assistance in crafting, resource gathering, and other survival-related tasks. The game's setting includes diverse biomes and environments, promising an expansive world full of secrets to discover and challenges to overcome.

Despite its whimsical creature companions, Palworld has garnered attention for its inclusion of more mature themes compared to similar creature-collection games, including the use of Pals in industrial work and combat scenarios.

Among other things, players can breed their Pals, the game's collectible and trainable creatures, to produce new offspring. The Palworld breeding process not only allows players to expand their collection of Pals but also to potentially inherit specific traits, abilities, or characteristics from the parent creatures.

Can I invest in Palworld?

Unfortunately not. Pocketpair is a private company, based in Japan. Its shares are not publicly listed on any stock exchange.

Pocketpair has gained attention for its creative approach to game design, emphasizing player freedom and diverse gameplay mechanics. Palworld is its most popular video game.

Top Gaming Stocks to Own

While you still can’t invest in Palworld maker Pocketpair,’s list of top gaming stocks to own includes picks Take-Two (NASDAQ: TTWO ) Interactive Software, Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA ), and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT ) (which recently acquired Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ: ATVI )).

The list also includes prominent names like Roblox, Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA ), and Nintendo Co Ltd (TYO: 7974 ). Investing in video game stocks can be appealing for several reasons with most investors attracted by the industry's dynamic growth, innovation, and expanding audience.

The video game industry has experienced consistent growth over the years, driven by increasing consumer demand across all age groups. It has become one of the most lucrative segments of the entertainment industry, with revenues surpassing those of the movie and music industries combined in some instances.

Similarly, continuous innovation in gaming technology, including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), cloud gaming, and the development of more powerful gaming consoles and PCs, opens new opportunities for immersive gaming experiences.

Video games have a global market, with significant consumer bases in North America, Europe, Asia, and emerging markets. The international appeal and accessibility of games through digital distribution platforms provide a broad revenue base for companies. The rapid rise of esports and streaming in the post-pandemic world has also contributed to the popularity of the gaming sector among investors.

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