What Makes the Aviator Game So Popular?

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What Makes the Aviator Game So Popular?

Which game is currently the most popular in the gambling world? If we are to ask any casino player – the odds are – 90%+ will say it’s the Aviator game. Such is the popularity of this game that most gambling operators are integrating the game on their platforms. Visit any gambling platform and you are guaranteed to find a newly added ‘Aviator’ tab.

Some platforms go even further to incorporate ‘Crash Games’ lobbies. Inside these lobbies, players will find the Aviator game as well as a few of its sister games such as JetX which were developed after Aviator proved to be a massive hit in the gambling community, and is offered by all the top betting sites, you can even find Aviator on Hollywoodbets.

The popularity of Aviator is unquestionable. However, what may differ are the reasons that distinct players give in explaining the game’s popularity. In this guide, we are going to expose and explore all of these reasons hence showcase that there is a plethora of reasons behind the game’s popularity. These reasons in turn demonstrate why the game is a massive hit and a fan favourite of multitudes of casino players.

Reasons Behind the Popularity of Aviator Game

  • Simplicity
When it comes to casino games, there is a fine line which distinguishes players. On one hand, are players who are fascinated with simple games. On the other hand, are players who love complex games – games that require a high degree of skill if one is to excel. Aviator is a game that appeals most to players who fall in the former category. It’s a pretty easy game that comes with straightforward gameplay rules. All that players need to do is to place a bet, wait for the plane to head into the skies and afterwards, cash out before the plane crashes. Just so simple, isn’t it? Aviator’s simplicity also does make it a great proposition for casino beginners hence why it attracts huge numbers.

  • Suspense and the Thrill Factor
In as much as Aviator offers a straightforward gameplay experience, it is actually an exciting and thrilling game which is full of suspense. As soon as the plane takes off, the player instantly finds himself or herself in a whole new universe. In this stunning universe, the only thing that occupies the mind is the decision of when to pick the right moment to disembark the plane. Before clicking the ‘Cash Out’ button, players will completely be engulfed in suspense as they wait and hope that the plane just takes a few more moments in the sky as the multiplier builds up.

  • High RTP
When it comes to many casino games, one of the biggest pull factors is the game’s lucrativeness. Often, this is depicted by the RTP (theoretical return to player percentage). Though just a theoretical indicator of how much a game pays out, RTP is a trusted measure. Aviator’s RTP is pegged at 97%. This essentially puts it on par with some of the highest-paying casino games.

  • Extremely High Max Payout
Closely tied with the factor above (high RTP), Aviator also comes with an extremely high max payout. The payout value of this game can reach a whopping 20,000x the bet! Well, for those who may fail to grasp and appreciate just how huge this is, we are going to provide a relatable example. To initiate a gaming session, players first need to place a bet. The min and max bets differ depending on the online casino you are accessing the game from. However, suppose you place a bet valued at a lowly $5 and you win the max payout pegged at 20,000x the bet, it means the amount you will walk away with is a whopping $100,000! Simply massive isn’t it? Now imagine you place a higher-valued bet; it just means more and more money!

  • Interactive Game
One of the things which make Aviator a unique game is that its an interactive. Many casino games just restrict players to the core action of gameplay only. However, when playing the Aviator game, players thanks to the Chat feature can interact with fellow gamers. In doing so, they can share tips on how to enhance their chances of winning. They can also banter with each other during tense moments such as when one is on a losing streak. This of course necessitated by the emojis integrated on the Chat feature.

  • Available at Crypto Casinos
The mechanics behind the Aviator game makes it easy for operators to integrate it into crypto casinos. As such, players who love playing at conventional currency casinos, as well as crypto casinos, are all guaranteed to find the game.

  • Real-Time Gaming Experience
Aviator is played in real time 24/7 regardless of the online casino you access it from. This in essence means when playing the game, players get to feel that realistic real-life gambling experience. It’s not like you are playing the game against the bot as is the case with other games.

  • Mimics Video Games – Graphics Wise
Aviator is unique from many other casino games that players may think of when it comes to graphics be it online slots or scratch cards. The graphics of Aviator resemble those of a video game hence guaranteeing a refreshingly new atmosphere for players.

Round Up

As can be noted above, Aviator is a highly popular game whose popularity is inspired by many great attributes. As we round up, we just want to add another incredible attribute of the game which is, its ease of accessibility. Players can easily access and play the Aviator game on different platforms which include both on the desktop and mobile.

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