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Russell Shor
Ethereum At Critical Key Level By Russell Shor - Mar 16, 2018

Daily Ethereum is at a critical support level (red shaded horizontal). Moreover, its EMAs are in bearish formation. The green 5-day EMA is below the orange 13-day EMA, and the orange 13-day EMA is...

Russell Shor
Bitcoin Drops Below $8,000 By Russell Shor - Mar 15, 2018

Daily Bitcoin has dropped below $8,000. This is on reports that Google may ban all crypto-related ads. However, as per our previous article, the technical signals were already treacherous. A...

Russell Shor
USD Gaining Strength Against ZAR By Russell Shor - Mar 15, 2018

Daily The three EMA system is picking up a potential change in trend regarding the USD/ZAR. The orange 13-day EMA has crossed above the green 5-day EMA and is converging on the black 34-day EMA...

Dane Mesane
Betting Against Bitcoin By Dane Mesane - Mar 14, 2018

Could BTC go as low as $5863.53 or even lower against the US Dollar? Based on a simple analysis done on the MetaTrader4 platform. It is easy to see that the bears are in full control of the BTC Market...

Russell Shor
USD/ZAR Volatility Narrows By Russell Shor - Mar 13, 2018 2

Daily 1 The volatility in the USD/ZAR has declined considerably. This is indicated by the blue bollinger bands, which have now narrowed (red rectangle). Low volatility is usually a sign of the...

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