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James Paynter
The ZAR Party Continues...But For How Long? By James Paynter - 13 hours ago

This past week was nothing short of a blitzkrieg. An annihilation. But not the type we have come to know over the years with the USDZAR, for once, it was the Rand coming out on top! And handsomely ...

Twitter: Here's How To Time A Buy By Investing.com - Mar 21, 2017

by Chaim Siegel of Elazar Advisors, LLC After speaking directly with the company, we came away with the sense that if you want to buy Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) shares, the only way to do it is when you get ...

Leigh Riley
All Hail The Rand By Leigh Riley - Mar 20, 2017 3

The Rand has been stoic in the face of rising interest rates in the United States, all though this was the first time we have had a “sure thing” in the way of an expected hike from the US ...

Ellen Wald
Will A Fed Rate Hike Boost The Price Of Oil? By Ellen Wald - Mar 15, 2017 1

Later today we will likely hear that the United States Federal Reserve will raise interest rates, perhaps more than was expected just a few weeks ago. What will this do to the price of oil, which is ...

James Paynter
Rand Review - 13 March 2017 By James Paynter - Mar 13, 2017

A week which began so well for the rand, and then it all fell down in a heap. The past few months have seen consistent strengthening for the Rand, leading many to think that it was some kind of ...