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Russell Shor
Ethereum At Critical Key Level By Russell Shor - Mar 16, 2018

Daily Ethereum is at a critical support level (red shaded horizontal). Moreover, its EMAs are in bearish formation. The green 5-day EMA is below the orange 13-day EMA, and the orange 13-day EMA is...

Russell Shor
Bitcoin Drops Below $8,000 By Russell Shor - Mar 15, 2018

Daily Bitcoin has dropped below $8,000. This is on reports that Google may ban all crypto-related ads. However, as per our previous article, the technical signals were already treacherous. A...

Dane Mesane
Betting Against Bitcoin By Dane Mesane - Mar 14, 2018

Could BTC go as low as $5863.53 or even lower against the US Dollar? Based on a simple analysis done on the MetaTrader4 platform. It is easy to see that the bears are in full control of the BTC Market...

Kobus Kemp
LTC Still My Favorite Bullish Setup By Kobus Kemp - Mar 13, 2018

I am long on LTC on the following: 1) Price broke out from a descending wedge as an impulse. (a 5 wave structure according to the wave principle)2) After the impulse we got a decent 3 wave pullback...

Russell Shor
Overhead Resistance Hurts Bitcoin By Russell Shor - Mar 08, 2018

Daily Further to our previous article, overhead resistance proved too strong for bitcoin. It was around this level that the SEC stated that it wants crypto exchanges to register with the agency. This...

Russell Shor
Bitcoin Still To Beat Overhead Resistance By Russell Shor - Mar 05, 2018

Daily Further to our previous article, bitcoin’s EMA have now lined up in bullish formation. The green 5-day EMA > orange 13-day EMA > black 34-day EMA. Of note, all 3 EMAs are also pointing...

Russell Shor
Bitcoin Setting Itself Up For New Uptrend By Russell Shor - Mar 02, 2018

Daily Bitcoin’s EMAs are setting themselves up for a bullish trend formation. The orange 13-day EMA is looking to cross above the black 34-day EMA. This will result in a formation where the...

Russell Shor
Bitcoin EMAs Converging By Russell Shor - Feb 28, 2018

Daily The orange 13-day EMA is converging on the black 34-day EMA. A golden-cross of these 2 EMAs will be bullish. In affect this will line the EMAs in a formation where the green 5-day EMA >...

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