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Russell Shor
13,000 Still Proving Critical For Bitcoin By Russell Shor - Jan 16, 2018

Daily Further to our previous article, bitcoin is still holding above the key support level of 13,000. However, its technical position has weakened. Its green 3-day EMA is below its black 5-day ...

Russell Shor
Bitcoin Holds Above Key Level By Russell Shor - Jan 15, 2018

Daily Bitcoin's green 3-day EMA is below its black 5-day EMA. However, the angle and separation is waning i.e. the downside momentum is slowing. This is largely due to the South Korean's confirming ...

Russell Shor
Ripple Partners With MoneyGram By Russell Shor - Jan 12, 2018

Daily Ripple's 3-day EMA is below its 5-day EMA. This is considered as sell mode. However, the trend-following indicators have levelled off and downward momentum has slowed. The RSI(9) has also ...

Daniel Sievwright
Africa’s craving for Crypto By Daniel Sievwright - Jan 09, 2018

Digital this, disruption that. These terms have become so linguistically ubiquitous one easily forgets the genuine curiosity once associated with these concepts when first introduced. Now ...

Tafara Tsoka
Bitcoin: A Technical View By Tafara Tsoka - Nov 21, 2017 1

The world has been taken by a craze for cryptocurrencies which are in essence a digital asset that works as a medium of exchange and it uses cryptography to secure transactions and control the ...

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