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Candlestick Patterns

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Name Timeframe Reliability Pattern Candle #
Emerging Patterns
USD/ZAR 1M Engulfing Bearish Current
Dow Jones. Futures 1M Three Outside Up Current
Natural Gas 1M Bullish Engulfing Current
Natural Gas 1W Doji Star Bearish Current
USD/ZAR 1D Falling Three Methods Current
S&P 500 Futures 1D Harami Bullish Current
Ethereum 1D Bullish Engulfing Current
USD/ZAR 5H Three Black Crows Current
Apple 5H Harami Bullish Current
Apple 1H Morning Doji Star Current
USD/ZAR 30 Bullish Hammer Current
Tesla 30 Bullish doji Star Current
USD/ZAR 15 Bullish Hammer Current
Completed Patterns
Dow Jones. Futures 1M Bullish Engulfing 1
Crude Oil WTI 1W Bullish doji Star 1
Tesla 1W Thrusting Bearish 1
Ethereum 1D Three Outside Down 1
Crude Oil WTI 1D Abandoned Baby Bullish 1
Nasdaq 1D Harami Bearish 1
Nasdaq 1D Harami Cross Bearish 1
Dow Jones. Futures 1D Break Away Bearish 1
Gold 1D Engulfing Bearish 1
Crude Oil WTI 5H Doji Star Bearish 1
Nasdaq 1H Bullish Hammer 1
Nasdaq 1H Dragonfly Doji 1
Apple 1H Bullish doji Star 1
USD/ZAR 30 Falling Three Methods 1
Tesla 15 Bullish Engulfing 1
Tesla 15 Downside Gap Three Methods 1
Apple 1M Falling Three Methods 2
Natural Gas 1M Engulfing Bearish 2
Dollar In. Futures 1W Harami Bullish 2
Bitcoin 1W Bullish doji Star 2
USD/ZAR 1W Harami Cross 2
Dollar In. Futures 1W Harami Cross 2
Ethereum 1D Engulfing Bearish 2
Crude Oil WTI 1D Bullish doji Star 2
Gold 5H Morning Star 2
S&P 500 Futures 5H Morning Star 2
Tesla 5H Two Crows 2
Nasdaq 10. Futures 5H Morning Star 2
Natural Gas 1H Falling Three Methods 2
Ethereum 1H Three Inside Up 2
EUR/USD 30 Three Inside Down 2
Tesla 30 Bullish doji Star 2
Dollar In. Futures 15 Harami Bullish 2
USD/ZAR 15 Three Outside Down 2
Natural Gas 1W Dark Cloud Cover 3
Tesla 1W Falling Three Methods 3
USD/ZAR 1D Harami Bullish 3
Tesla 5H Belt Hold Bearish 3
Dollar In. Futures 5H Three Outside Up 3
S&P 500 Futures 5H Bullish Hammer 3
Nasdaq 10. Futures 5H Bullish Hammer 3
Dollar In. Futures 1H Falling Three Methods 3
Natural Gas 30 Bullish Engulfing 3
Dollar In. Futures 15 Break Away Bearish 3
S&P 500 Futures 15 Morning Doji Star 3
EUR/USD 15 Bullish Engulfing 3
USD/ZAR 15 Engulfing Bearish 3
Dow Jones. Futures 15 Abandoned Baby Bullish 3
Tesla 15 Falling Three Methods 3
Dow Jones. Futures 15 Morning Doji Star 3
Dow Jones. Futures 15 Morning Star 3
Dollar In. Futures 15 Engulfing Bearish 3
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