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Kathy Lien
Will Dollar Power Last?   By Kathy Lien - Jul 16, 2018

Everyone says that President Trump’s trade war is bad for the US economy but so far, the decline in US stocks is limited, yields are high, data is good and the dollar is strong. In other words,...

Smangaliso Mkandabila
11 July FX and Indice Report By Smangaliso Mkandabila - Jul 11, 2018

ZAR continues its gains courtesy of U.S/ China trade war USD/ZAR The rand extended its gains against the U.S dollar to a week now, after having profited from a rather weary bunch of investors. The...

James Paynter
Comeback Time For The Rand! By James Paynter - Jul 10, 2018

Relief for consumers, relief for importers - the Rand finally had a solid week. The amount of volatility being experienced is still less than ideal, but when it is driving the Rand stronger, few are...

Kathy Lien
Are Currencies At The Cusp Of A Turn?   By Kathy Lien - Jul 09, 2018

The US dollar traded lower against all of the major currencies in the first few days of the third quarter. While it may be tempting to call this a peak, it is too early for all the bulls to retreat....

Russell Shor
USDZAR Moves into Neutral Phase By Russell Shor - Jul 09, 2018

The USDZAR’s green 5-day EMA has crossed below its orange 13-day EMA (blue ellipse). This has moved the USD into a neutral/congestion phase, effectively ending the currency pair’s bullish...

Chart Patterns. Triple Bottom on EUR/USD By JustForex - Jul 09, 2018

At the end of June, the EUR/USD currency pair worked well the classic reversal figure of Triple bottom (D1 timeframe). The technical analysis signals further correction of the EUR/USD quotes after a...

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