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Company Corner By Vestact - 13 hours ago

Byron's Beats Late last week Richemont released interim 6-month results for the period ending 30 September. The below table indicates the change in numbers over the comparable periods. There were...

Kathy Lien
3 Currencies To Watch This Week   By Kathy Lien - Nov 12, 2018

At the start of last week, investors took profits on long dollar positions on the fear that the US Midterm Elections would cause a significant market disruption. However, when the Democrats won...

Our 10c Worth By Vestact - Nov 12, 2018

One thing, from Paul I have had a front row seat, watching economies evolve, markets move and companies develop over the past 25 years. What a wonderful job this is! I'm always intrigued to find...

Fat Profits In The Fitness Sector By Vestact - Nov 09, 2018

As expected the Fed left interest rates unchanged. The US Dollar was weaker after the US Mid-terms, but after Jerome Powell spoke last night, it seems that traders were reminded about a likely...

There is a Ghost in my Restaurant By Vestact - Nov 07, 2018

We are still waiting for final numbers from the US mid-term elections, but it is safe to say that the Democrats won control of The House and the Republicans maintained their control of The Senate....

Good Riddance October By Vestact - Nov 05, 2018

Market Scorecard On Friday, before the US market opened, jobs data for October was released. It showed that wages grew at the fastest rate since 2009; good news for short-term GDP growth, but higher...

The Market Befriends Facebook, again By Vestact - Nov 01, 2018

Market Scorecard Boom! Markets had a massive day yesterday. Naspers (JO:NPNJn) was up 9.4%, which is a monster move for a company of that size. Watching financial TV this morning though, all you hear...

Perfecting the Art of a Healthy Heart By Vestact - Oct 31, 2018

Market Scorecard Market volatility continued yesterday. The JSE All-share opened higher but closed down over 1% when the bell rang at 17:00. Naspers (JO:NPNJn) is now down 33% this year, back to where...

Rumble in the Tech Jungle By Vestact - Oct 30, 2018

Yesterday was another day of confusing market moves. Our market (JSE All-share) started in the green even though Asian markets were red. By the close of the day, Naspers (JO:NPNJn) was down 4% but our...

Daily Market Blog: Bolting On Profits By Vestact - Oct 29, 2018

Market Scorecard Last week was a rough one on markets in both in South Africa and in the US. There is a Bloomberg headline this morning saying that $5 trillion of value has been given back on global...

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